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15 kinds of Dresses That Will Make You Look Younger

By Judy Robinson, 31 October 2018

The hunt for the perfect and long lasting fountain of youth is still on but has now morphed itself into bundles of beauty creams, masks and serums in order to hide any signs of wrinkles and fine lines. Aging gracefully while embracing the changes it comes with exceeds beyond the limitations of a moisturizer or an eye cream. Ageing gracefully has a lot to do with the fashion department and any move can either add or shed a few years on your face and body. Choosing the right dress, the right color according to the right time of the day and occasion helps more than an eye cream.

If you’re one of the confused little gems out there wondering how to make their looks stand out and also help them look younger, keep on scrolling for life saving fashion advice:

1Say Yes To Sequins

All that sparkle is not only for young girls now. Just because you’re older does not mean you stay away from sparkly dresses. Sequin dresses are a great way to show off your youthful appearance. They add a very glamorous touch to your whole look and with all that sparkle you might not even need to accessorize much. When your dress is that sparkly, your makeup and accessories should be simple so that the dress gets all the attention.


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Look for dresses that have a slit or a cut out. These dresses will help give your legs an elongated appearance, making them look younger. When you are going for a longer leg vibe, wearing heels underneath your cutout mini dress is a perfect option. The cut out and the heels combined give the illusion of longer legs and a firm hip that bring a very youthful touch to your look.


Image Source: sophieandtrey.com

3Ditch the Blacks

Pretty sure most women in their 40s or 50’s have been told repeatedly that they should now “sober up” with darker colors. Wearing all black dresses comes with an added risk of looking twice your age. Don’t be afraid of adding more color to your dresses. Be more vibrant and try the colors of the season. Yellow and turquoise are great colors. If you want something dark, invest in dark navy blue or burgundy but don’t go for just blacks.

Ditch the Blacks

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4Mini dresses

Don’t be scared to show off some skin. Short dresses aren’t only meant to be worn by school girls, you can work an outfit with shorter hemlines at any age. Balance your dress with knee length boots for the winters and stilettos in the summers. Depending upon the pattern of your dress, try out different bags and accessories to help you pull off the look.

Mini dresses

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5Strapless dress

Apart from showing off those gorgeous legs, highlight your shoulders and collarbones as well. Showing off those ethereal beauty bones is the easiest way to score some big points.

Strapless dress

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6Tunic Dress

Everyone remembers Victoria Beckham’s iconic navy blue tunic dress that she wore at the wedding ceremony of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The dress radiated finesse and perfection and is perfect to give you that youthful touch.

Tunic Dress

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What’s cuter than a frock? A frock with flowers! Frocks give a very youthful touch to your look. Sundresses with floral prints really bring out the color in your cheeks. Style them up with gorgeous heels, a vibrant lipstick, a hat and you’re done.


Image Source: pixabay.com

8Apron Dress

This year is all about bringing the vintage era back. An apron dress of a knee length can be your perfect summer outdoor dress with cool summer colors like baby blue and yellow. Style it the way you like and make it your own.

9Blazer’d Up!

Don’t ever feel like you need to hide your figure. No matter what shape or size you are, flaunt it proudly. Wear clothes that best compliment your shape; a blazer with a fancy shirt underneath and a reload of accessories will definitely do that for you.

Blazer’d Up!

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10A Line Dresses

Worn by many first ladies and our very own fashion icon, Amal Clooney, A line dresses can do wonders for your figure. They are very elegant, simple and stylish. They’re pretty perfect on their own so what you need to keep in mind is to alternate between bolder and neutral colors. If the dress is a dark red, wear a neutral beige coat on top of it. Accessorize and experiment, see what brings out the real you.

A Line Dresses

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11Fitted Jeans are a definite Yes!

Nothing adds a few extra and unneeded years into your look like an old baggy denim that highlights lumpiness everywhere. The stretch fabric of the new mom Denims are perfect to fit any figure and accentuate the style. Find a pair that fits you perfectly and style it with your favorite t-shirt and sneakers.

Fitted Jeans are a definite Yes!

Image Source: images.pexels.com

12The perfect fit

You should find yourself a local seamstress right about now because ill-fitted clothes are your worst enemy. Even if you’re going for baggy pants, your shirt should have some fitting qualities (pun intended) to accentuate your look and not seem like you’re trying to hide something. Get yourself measured again and your clothes refit.


Many people think that blousons look unflattering on older people but it’s quite the contrary. The whole look of the dress gives off a very vintage vibe and is perfect for a casual day out. You won’t even need many accessories to pull off the dress. The look of the dress is very breezy and lightweight and that gives you a youthful radiance.

14High Waist

The secret behind rocking a dress is to invest in the right size and type of bra that doesn’t let your breasts hand and instead makes them firm. A high waist dress and a perfect bra will definitely help you shed a few years.

The perfect fit

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Necklines matter a lot when it comes to the apparent look of a dress. A shallow V neck or Halter neck might not look as flattering on you as a Bateau might. Make sure you try out clothes before you buy them and really focus on the necklines.

Remember, whatever dress you choose to wear, youth lies in your demeanor and in your attitude towards life. Dresses come AFTER that. A young heart will always show through, no matter what your age. Shine on!


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