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Cameron Diaz is pregnant at 45: All You Need To Know About Being Pregnant In 40s

By Meera Kaushal, 26 January 2018


When a woman gets pregnant, she needs to make sure that she is at her healthiest best, and for that, good food and exercises are not enough. Women should take prenatal vitamins when pregnant and the importance of these pills increase when you become pregnant in your 40s. Talk to your doctor and have all the vitamins that are needed by you at this stage.

Prenatal Vitamins are a must

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10They may have to be induced

Most women who become pregnant in their 40s do have their labors naturally, but in some cases a woman may be induced. And in some other cases, women may also have to go through a C-section. All these decisions are best taken by your doctor seeing your condition, so you should have a trusted doctor with you.

women who become pregnant

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11Health risks during pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant in her 40s, the chances of health risks do increase in general. Women may have to face gestational diabetes, placenta praevia, preeclampsia and high blood pressure. So, it is advised that the monitoring must be done by the doctor at regular intervals to ensure that any problem can be countered in the early stages.

Health risks during pregnancy

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12Extra support may be needed


This point is as important for the women who are pregnant as it is for people who have a woman around them who is pregnant in her 40s. A woman needs a lot of love and support during pregnancy, and that need increases when there is an increment in the age of the woman. The fear of health risks and complications may bring stress to the mother, so it is important that she gets all the love at this time. People who can cheer her up should do so by doing anything that can make her pregnancy a happy time for her.

Extra support may be needed

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