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Cameron Diaz is pregnant at 45: All You Need To Know About Being Pregnant In 40s

By Meera Kaushal, 26 January 2018


5Problems during delivery

Women, who stay in shape even during their 40s, have less chances of having difficult labors. So, for unhealthy women, this means that they may have to suffer dangerous and long labors. But, in general, it has been found that women in their 40s have longer second-stage labors if they are having their first baby at that time.

Problems during delivery

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6Opt for a hospital birth

These days many women are considering the option of having home births or water births in order to give their baby a more natural environment. But, if you are in your 40s, then you should certainly go for a hospital birth. Being in the care of specialized doctors will give safer options just in case complications arise.

Opt for a hospital birth

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7An increased risk of preeclampsia


This again is an issue whose risks are higher in pregnancies that occur at a later stage in life. In this highly uncomfortable condition, women suffer from swelling in the hands and face, may have issues of high blood pressure and may notice an odd looking urine. The problem may cause serious complications during pregnancy, even leading to impairment of the nervous system. It is better to share every detail with your doctor so that they can tell you all about the precautions which you can take to prevent this from happening.

An increased risk of preeclampsia

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8Increased chances of chromosomal abnormalities

In every 1000 women, 25 of them may abnormalities when they are in their 40s. What this means is that when the baby is developing under the influence of these abnormalities, there are chances of unusual fetal development. It is highly recommended that both the parents should get themselves tested for the presence of any abnormalities.

chromosomal abnormalities

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9Prenatal Vitamins are a must


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