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Bodyguards Who Are Way More Attractive Than The Stars They Protect

By KK Angus, 9 June

You are probably fatigued by all the paparazzi pictures of your favourite stars coming and going to posh eateries and elite clubs. How long can you keep tabs on Gigi Hadid partying with other rich and famous millennials? So, we have got something which will interest you.

Let's take you to the world of celebrity bodyguards who have a really tough job. But besides dodging the paparazzi to keep their clients away from the mobs they also make a point to sizzle everyday day on the job. So much so that they often end up looking better than the stars. Here's looking at some of the most dashing bodyguards of all time.

1Justin Bieber and his bodyguard Michael Arana

Justin Bieber's bodyguard is also kinds of trouble in the Good and the bad way. Arana who was Bieber's head of security for quite a few months is one of the best-looking bodyguards we know. He certainly leaves a mark next to Bieber, as they look so strikingly different and Arana obviously looks better. But in 2017 he was arrested on charges of DUI when he crashed his car and injured two cops.

Justin Bieber and his bodyguard Michael Arana

Image Source: www.usmagazine.com

2Taylor Swift and her bodyguard

Taylor Swift has had to pay the highest price for her massive stardom. She has often talked about how she always gets mobbed whenever she is in public. She once said at any given point of time there are 15 paparazzi outside her house. It obviously helps that she has her trusty bodyguard next to her at all times. But what really helps her paparazzi shots is how incredibly handsome her bodyguard is.

Taylor Swift and her bodyguard

Image Source: pinimg.com

3Adele and her very handsome bodyguard

The only thing better than Adele’s vocals is her dashing bodyguard. The multiple Grammy winner rarely steps outside without her bodyguard and with very good reason. Adele’s personal bodyguard Peter Van der Veen was hired around 2015 as she needed extra protection for her press tours. The minute he surfaced, paparazzi made a big deal about his looks and her fans couldn’t stop talking about Peter, who is not just a former bodybuilder but also won Mr Europe once.

Adele and her very handsome bodyguard

Image Source: www.usmagazine.com

4Katy Perry has a great bodyguard

Katy Perry’s bodyguard has almost as many transformations as the California Girls singer. A few years ago, he was substantially leaner and yet muscular. But more recently, he has bulked up, which is obviously a great source of security to Katy, and a great fodder for her fans.

Katy Perry has a great bodyguard

Image Source: ritely.com

5Daniel Radcliffe and his personal bodyguard

Daniel Radcliffe’s personal bodyguard Sam is hands down better looking that the Harry Potter star. Not only is he blessed with classic English features, but he is significantly taller than Daniel and even has better style. In fact, Sam has been with Daniel for a long time now and he obviously trusts him.

Daniel Radcliffe and his personal bodyguard

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6Heidi Klum had a deep connection to her bodyguard

Heidi and her bodyguard’s relationship turned really intimate. When she was married to her ex-husband Seal, Martin Kristen was her bodyguard for a long time. Eventually, she divorced Seal, she started romancing Martin. But needless to say, that relationship ended a few years later, as did her professional relationship with him.

Heidi Klum had a deep connection to her bodyguard

Image Source: ritely.com

7Amber Rose and her bodyguard often get touchy-feely

Amber Rose and her personal bodyguard were spotted touching each other in a rather personal way a couple of years ago. Since then her bodyguard is seen everywhere with her, even on morning runs and errands. They both obviously enjoy a great camaraderie, and we are not surprised considering her bodyguard is a total looker.

Amber Rose and her bodyguard often get touchy-feely

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

8Kendall Jenner and the mystery man

If someone in showbiz needs good security it’s Kendall Jenner. The supermodel might have a ton of fans but she also has a league of haters. But Kendall has a smashing bodyguard for protection whose identity is a mystery to us still. He is incredibly tall and has the most amazing beard game. He accompanied Kendall to the Cannes Film Festival this year and since then her fans can’t get enough of him.

Kendall Jenner and the mystery man

Image Source: ritely.com

9Beyoncé and the bodyguard scandal

Beyoncé’s bodyguard is perhaps the most famous showbiz bodyguard to have made headlines. Her bodyguard Julius de Boer has been the pop sensation for years now. It was reported a couple of years ago that Beyoncé might be involved with Julius which is causing distress in her and Jay-Z’s marriage. Though Beyoncé has denied all rumors, it is clear that Beyoncé does enjoy a great friendship with Julius.

Beyoncé and the bodyguard scandal

Image Source: ritely.com

10Kylie Jenner and Tim Chung

Kylie Jenner’s hot bodyguard is making news for all the wrong reasons. Sure, he is handsome, tall and has perfect features and could give any male supermodel a run for their money. But there were several reports which emerged lately which claimed that Tim is actually the father of Kylie’s baby Stormi. The rumours caused quite a stir among Kylie’s fandom.

Kylie Jenner and Tim Chung

Image Source: content2.promiflash.de

11Tim’s denial

Tim, of course, had to respond to the terrible allegations, and he came clean that he was not the father of Kylie Jenner’s baby. Kylie’s baby’s father is rapper Travis Scott, but considering some of Stormi’s features, fans claimed that the baby looked quite Asian and might just be Tim’s daughter.

Tim’s denial

Image Source: hips.hearstapps.com

12Jason Momoa and his bodyguards

Jason Momoa’s security detail make for stellar meme material considering what Jason looks like. The Game of Thrones is incredibly ripped and is more than 6 feet tall. His bodyguards, however, good-looking and well-built, aren’t exactly as tall or fit as the star himself, and Jason doesn’t look like he needs protection. When pictures of Jason with his security detail emerged online, fans couldn’t help but have a laugh about it.

Jason Momoa and his bodyguards

Image Source: i.dailymail.co.uk

13Katie Holmes and her bodyguards

Katie Holmes always has the best-looking security detail. In the last few years, Katie has had hired a number of men to be her bodyguard, and all of them have been very good-looking. Katie needs amped up security as she often feels the need to protect her and Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri from the fans or the paparazzi.

Katie Holmes and her bodyguards

Image Source: i.dailymail.co.uk

14Zac Efron and his bodyguard

Zac Efron’s bodyguard makes Zac look like an average commoner and has a very good wardrobe. He is often seen with Zac at events and red-carpet appearances, and even claims that Zac once saved his life.

Zac Efron and his bodyguard

Image Source: cdn01.cdn.justjared.com

15Ariana Grande and her security

In one of Ariana’s music videos, she has a steamy affair with one of her bodyguards. But in real-life, we bet she likes to keep things professional. Ariana, too, has had some of the best-looking men as her personal security detail, and she obviously needs them, considering her ever-expansive fandom.

Ariana Grande and her security

Image Source: i.dailymail.co.uk