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Bodyguards Who Are Way More Attractive Than The Stars They Protect

By KK Angus, 9 June 2018


6Heidi Klum had a deep connection to her bodyguard

Heidi and her bodyguard’s relationship turned really intimate. When she was married to her ex-husband Seal, Martin Kristen was her bodyguard for a long time. Eventually, she divorced Seal, she started romancing Martin. But needless to say, that relationship ended a few years later, as did her professional relationship with him.

Heidi Klum had a deep connection to her bodyguard

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7Amber Rose and her bodyguard often get touchy-feely

Amber Rose and her personal bodyguard were spotted touching each other in a rather personal way a couple of years ago. Since then her bodyguard is seen everywhere with her, even on morning runs and errands. They both obviously enjoy a great camaraderie, and we are not surprised considering her bodyguard is a total looker.

Amber Rose and her bodyguard often get touchy-feely

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

8Kendall Jenner and the mystery man


If someone in showbiz needs good security it’s Kendall Jenner. The supermodel might have a ton of fans but she also has a league of haters. But Kendall has a smashing bodyguard for protection whose identity is a mystery to us still. He is incredibly tall and has the most amazing beard game. He accompanied Kendall to the Cannes Film Festival this year and since then her fans can’t get enough of him.

Kendall Jenner and the mystery man

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9Beyoncé and the bodyguard scandal

Beyoncé’s bodyguard is perhaps the most famous showbiz bodyguard to have made headlines. Her bodyguard Julius de Boer has been the pop sensation for years now. It was reported a couple of years ago that Beyoncé might be involved with Julius which is causing distress in her and Jay-Z’s marriage. Though Beyoncé has denied all rumors, it is clear that Beyoncé does enjoy a great friendship with Julius.

Beyoncé and the bodyguard scandal

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10Kylie Jenner and Tim Chung

Kylie Jenner’s hot bodyguard is making news for all the wrong reasons. Sure, he is handsome, tall and has perfect features and could give any male supermodel a run for their money. But there were several reports which emerged lately which claimed that Tim is actually the father of Kylie’s baby Stormi. The rumours caused quite a stir among Kylie’s fandom.

Kylie Jenner and Tim Chung

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