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The Worlds Grumpiest Sphinx Cat Turning as an Internet Sensation

By Bincy Joseph, 27 June 2018

Tartar sauce has been an internet sensation a few years back and was believed to be the grumpiest cat ever. But now there is someone new who has entered the grumpiest cat club, and that is “Loki,” a sphinx cat. The furry tartar sauce cat was quite a talk of town spreading his angry and annoying looks, but it is now this sphinx cat Loki who is not having a single trace of fur to dethrone tartar sauce and reign as the King of the grumpiest cats. These sphinx cats are not actually hairless or furless but have a layer of downy fuzz as a covering. Here are few of those ferocious and annoyed looks of the sphinx cat Loki which will make you believe that he is the angriest looking cat.

1Don’t call me grumpy

Grumpy! Grumpy! Grumpy! This cat who has become an internet sensation overnight is fed up of being called grumpy. This pose of this cat is enough to show that the cat is really angry at being called Grumpy all the time. Beware, or you are sure to get a cat scratch very soon.

Don’t call me grumpy

Image Source: www.iizcat.com

2Mumma told me not to talk to strangers

This is what a mother teaches her child from the beginning. I believe Loki has also been taught the same words that’s why it is not liking the feeling of being cuddled up by Bren. Despite of all the love, Brent Erickson is bestowing on the cat, Loki is not ready to make friends with him. But Loki it’s all about strangers and not about your daddy what your mother told to stay away from.

Mumma told me not to talk to strangers

Image Source: www.owemesome.com

3Am I really grumpy?

Loki is trying to analyse if he really looks grumpy or not? He is tired of hearing the grumpiest cat and is trying to judge itself from all the angles to make out if he really looks grumpy. This picture seems as if Loki is ready to ask the mirror “Mirror! Mirror! on the wall who is the grumpiest of us all?”

Am I really grumpy?

Image Source: noonecares.club

4The matching mom and baby

Oh, mommy! Please keep me out of it! This is what Loki is trying to say when Mommy Dresses him up in the same colour what she is wearing. It looks like a uniform when you and I wear the same colours. Please don’t do this for the next time; this is what Loki is trying to say.

The matching mom and baby

Image Source: sadanduseless.b-cdn.net

5The fashionista cat

It is not all about the expressions, but it is also about the style. Here is Loki wearing a cool mustard coloured sweater spreading his own style statement. Its winters and I am sure that you are not going to find such a cute jersey worn by the cat next door.

The fashionista cat

Image Source: providr.com

6The super sleepy picture

This picture shows that the poor cat is so tired and trying to get out of those sweaters and woollens to have a peaceful sleep. The poor little cat is yawning so hard begging for some sleep time, but the owners are requesting him to give one more shot to capture his sleepy picture.

The super sleepy picture

Image Source: providr.com

7Mother loves grumpy

Despite of the grumpiest face ever, this cat is a real sweetheart that everyone would, like to own. He lives with his mother and as it is said a child is a child for a mother always despite all the notorious things they do. The cat is always ready to give those terrible looks, but this pretty lady is going to hold him like this always with a smile on her face.

Mother loves grumpy

Image Source: www.iizcat.com

8Study time over

In this picture, you can quite make out that Loki has done with his studies and is not in a mood to hear any lessons from mommy. Mom is really not going to give any lectures otherwise she is going to get the grumpiest look ever.

Study time over

Image Source: noonecares.club

9I am not getting off the sofa

“Loki! Your paws you are going to spoil my sofa” This is what mother said seeing Loki scratching on the couch. But Loki was ready with his cross face to show mother that how hard you try, I am not going to get off from my comfort zone.

I am not getting off the sofa

Image Source: noonecares.club

10The style freak

Not just grumpy but I can be stylish too! This is what the picture is depicting. This picture of Loki wearing a black hood makes the cute look stylish and resembles like an angry young man ready to pound on you if you try to mess up with Loki.

The style freak

Image Source: netdna-ssl.com

11The new dress

Sphinx cats are supposed to be cats without fur, but mother could not see poor little catty like this and hence brought a rainbow coloured dress for him. But I think Loki didn’t like his new dress and is giving those strange looks to show its disliking towards the rainbow overcoat.

The new dress

Image Source: noonecares.club

12The Halloween makeup

Mommy got her cute little Loki ready to take part in the Halloween competition. But I think that Loki is super irritated by his new costume and giving those cross looks to get out of this funny looking costume. He is really annoyed to look like a clown and is thus giving those angry and irritated expressions.

The Halloween makeup

Image Source: noonecares.club

13Loki dressed for Christmas

Mommy could not wait to dress Loki as a Santa Claus with Christmas nearing the calendar. But Loki aren’t you happy to be dressed up like Christmas father? Err! I think probably not, Right Loki? Your angry looks say it all.

Loki dressed for Christmas

Image Source: sadanduseless.net

14I smell a rat

I think I just smelled a rat and I am all ready to catch it. But please for God sake remove this sweater I am not in a mood to roll down wearing this sweater.

I smell a rat

Image Source: www.iizcat.com

15Coffee will not help

Even Coffee could not make Loki give a smile. A hot cup of coffee is all that we like to have when we are tired and annoyed. But even a hot flask of coffee could not cheer up Loki to stop giving those annoyed looks.

Coffee will not help

Image Source: netdna-ssl.com