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15 Scandalous Pit Bull Myths, Debunked

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 8 May 2018


The pit bull is one of the most infamous dog breed in the world. No matter how tough you think you are, if you see a pit bull without a leash on the streets you will be petrified. And this pit bull could be the sweetest pup in the world, but that’s not going to change the facts that people are scared of pit bulls.

Pit bulls have the reputation of dangerous dogs that can take your life away or leave you with a permanent damage. Now, we can talk about dogs and pit bulls for days. There are plenty of positive stories and negative stories about this breed as well.

But at the end of the day, it’s all about how you raise your dog regardless of the breed. Chihuahuas can be nervous and aggressive too, but they just lack the power to do any serious damage and that’s why we don’t take them seriously.

Pit bulls, on the other hand, poses the power to do real damage and they will do real damage if they’re not raised properly.

1Pit bulls have locking jaws


It seems like pit bulls have locking jaws indeed, but that’s not the case. Because there’s no functional difference between the jaws of a pit bull and any other dog breed out there.

Pit bulls have locking jaws

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2Pit bulls are naturally aggressive towards people


It’s a shame that these dogs are banned in many places around the world, just because few owners were not responsible. But dogs don’t have the same rights as humans, at least not yet. Which means the productive solution is to simply ban the breed and that’s it. But in reality, if you work with your pit and socialize it at early age, there’s not going to be any signs of aggression at all.

Pit bulls are naturally aggressive

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3Pit bulls can 'snap' and turn on a person


Snapping is not a nature of any dog breed in general, and the same goes for the pit bull. People are adopting pit bulls that were previously used in dogfights, and there were no reports of snapping for no reason. But if you give them a reason, a pit bull just like any dog will snap at you.

playing with pitbull

Image Source: pitbullnews24.com


4Pit bulls are good guard dogs


When pit bulls are properly socialized, they suck at being guard dogs. Why? Because they’re simply great with humans. They could be protective when it comes to their owners, but that’s not enough for being a good guard dog.

Pit bulls are good guard dogs

Image Source: battledomination.com

5Pit bulls bite more than any other type of dog


You don’t read about a Chihuahua attack in the newspapers, because they are harmless. But if an abused pit bull runs away an attacks someone, that story will be all over the newspapers. But in general, there’s no stats that proof the theory of pit bull biting people all over the place.

Pit bulls puppy

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