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This Man Does Something That Makes Him World’s Biggest Dog Lover

By Jatin Sharma, 27 April 2017


You can tell a lot about people, by observing them. How they treat other people and especially, how they treat animals. Kindest of souls show love towards animals who cannot speak and only show their love via emotions and licks and slurps. There is one such man in Australia, who wants to meet every dog and cat in the world and wants to find a home for them.

He has started his mission from his home and wishes to spread the message across the world. Read his story and try to give a home to a stray animal.

1 Who is this man?


This man is Australian Ryan Anderson and he is on a very special mission, to find a home for all the dogs in the world. Ryan is a self-proclaimed ‘world’s biggest dog lover’ and works full time with RSPCA as animal welfare inspector. He wants to make the world a better place for dogs to live and he also fosters dogs in his free time.

Australian Ryan Anderson

Image Source: www.pesmojprijatelj.si

“I started out just volunteering on weekends with various rescue groups, attending events, fostering dogs, transporting animals and donating, and now I also promote rescue dog events, fundraisers, adoptable animals through my social media,” said Anderson.

Australian Ryan Anderson1

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

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