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15 Weird Animal Crossbreeds That Are Hard To Believe Actually Exist

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 15 May 2018


When someone says a crossbreed, the first thing we think about is a dog or a cat. Because we’re used to seeing exotic cats and kind of wired looking type of dog breeds. But that’s not where the human experiments and imagination ends. It’s not like we’re the evil scientist who’re trying to recreate the dinosaurs or something.

We are responsible for some of the crossbreeds that you’re about to see on the list. But some of them just simply happened. There’s no specific use for a wild animal crossbreed to us humans. But if a bunny and a cat can mate, then zebra and a donkey can mix as well.

Most of the animals you’re about to see are exceptions. There’s no record of a crossbreed that actually turned into a new species.

1Goat + Sheep is equal to a Geep


The Geep (not the car Jeep) is quite similar to the Zonkey. There’s no specific reason for crossbreeding a goat and a sheep, but it happens and this is how it looks like. We’re not sure what they were thinking when they crossbreed a goat and a sheep, except the fact that this new hybrid has a cool name.

Goat + Sheep is equal to a Geep

Image Source: www.rankwise.net

2Breed Established Thanks To Global Warming


We’re not sure how to properly define this new bear hybrid. We’re responsible for global warming, which means the reason why this cross between a polar bear and a brown grizzly bear exists is our fault. The polar and the brown grizzly bear started crossbreeding because they invaded each other territory during the breeding season.

Grizzly–polar bear hybrid

Image Source: dilkurslari.asia

3Male Tiger + Female Lion equals a Tigon


It seems like the Liger wasn’t big and scary enough, so we needed to crossbreed a male tiger and a female lion. The Tigon is, of course, similar to the Liger in a way. It’s not as big as the Liger, but it is bigger than a male lion for sure.

Tigon hybrid animal

Image Source: baomoi.com

4The Zebra and Donkey mix is known as Zonkey


You don’t really need to be a scientist or something to guess the two animals that crossbreed to create the Zonkey. The zebra legs and the donkey face is what makes the Zonkey an attraction. And of course, there’s no chance at all that you’ll see a Zonkey out in the wild.

Zonkey hybrid animal

Image Source: www.patrasevents.gr

5Have you ever heard about the Jaglion


This cross between a male jaguar and a female lion looks breathtaking. The sad part is that the Jaglion is not a work of nature, and they most hybrid males are infertile. Most of these hybrids are bred by humans, although they can sometimes occurred naturally in the wild.

Jaglion hybrid animal

Image Source: www.pinterest.com

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