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18 Hilarious Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a German Shepherd

By Christopher Paul, 12 June 2018


There’s been an age old question we can be asked by others or by ourselves, dog person or cat person? This is usually around the time we decide to get a pet. Should we go for a puppy or kitten? Which one will be more friendly or fun to play with or easier to take care of? All these questions plague our minds when we start thinking about pets.

Even though there are a wider variety of animals and even reptiles to choose from, a dog or cat will be the most playful. Many people choose dog as they are known to be very playful and protective and cats because… well they’re cats.


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Let’s talk about dogs


Dogs are known to make wonderful pets, they are playful, they are adorable and later on they get very protective of their owner and family. We’ve heard countless stories of how dogs saved people, children and also the elderly. The reason they’re used in the police force is because of their loyalty and love towards their owner. They have very keen senses too and are able to smell and hear better than humans.


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German Shepherd


Today’s topic will focus on this particular breed of dog and why it’s not suitable for being a pet in your home. This breed of dog is known to be large, muscular, agile and loyal. This breed of dog is also known for its size, it can stand as high as 26 inches at the shoulder. So, why is it a bad pet? Let’s find out.

They Don’t Sleep

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1They Don’t Sleep


Just look at this adorable little baby. Imagine you coming home all tired and this thing won’t let you sleep. Every time your eyes close, it comes back to wake you up, to play with it. You won’t have any peace with this creature.

They Are Scary!

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2They Are Scary!


They are huge, they are giants, they can scare Big Foot. Who would want such a scary dog as a pet? A pet needs to be adorable and cute. Imagine coming home and this hulking beast just jumping on you and licking all your troubles and worries away.

German shepherd and cat

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3You Can’t Take Them Anywhere


Like what I said before, these dogs are huge and they obey every command. Try taking this on a plane instead of a poodle or beagle. That is going to be a nightmare and think of the people judging and secretly cursing you.

They Won’t Help You

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