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Here’s Why Meg Ryan is Not Getting Roles in Hollywood

By KK Angus, 26 June 2018


6The wrong choices

It wasn't like Meg wasn't doing films but she as years passed she made done wrong choices which took a toll on her career. From mid to late 2000s she acted in a string of movies which failed to make an impact at box office. Films like Hanging Up and Proof of Life did not fare well and though Meg was a star she did need hits to stay relevant. One might even say people eventually stopped missing her.

The wrong choices

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7My Mom's New Boyfriend

One of her most disastrous films was the one called My Mom's New Boyfriend co-starring Antonio Banderas. The film which was shot in 2006 failed to get a theatrical release but had a DVD-only release. Needless to says it got very bad reviews and failed to impress her fans. Nobody could understand why Meg's films weren't working especially since rom-coms were her comfort zone. But she had just made too many consecutive bad choices.

My Mom

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8The death of rom-coms


Many people associate Meg's irrelevance to the death of rom-coms. Romantic comedies did not die exactly but it evolved a lot over time. In spite of having a fantastic range as an actress, Meg primarily came to be associated with this genre. As she aged, she naturally wasn't the focus of the new-age romance films anymore. In her 40s especially Meg lost out on quite a few roles and was not cast as the female lead anymore.

The death of rom-coms

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9Her indie success

Meg has tried her hands at indie movies and though she didn't fare well she did prove her mettle. The films weren’t bad exactly, they just did not leave a mark. For instance, her films like Serious Moonlight or The Women had quite stunning performances but did not make money. As a result, Meg never really made it as an indie sensation, despite her acting chops. And indie films do not always make it to the Oscars or the festival circuits sadly.

Her indie success

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10The hiatus

After a three-year hiatus which did not help her career, she made a comeback with the film In The Land of Women, which got rave reviews but did not exactly boost meg’s career. Even after that, two of her films flopped and anybody else would be quite worried if they were in Meg’s position, but she wasn’t going to bow to pressure. “I didn’t have to care what people thought. I have gotten to do what I guess I secretly wanted to do. Be totally under the radar and live my life,” she said.

The hiatus

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