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13 Weird Pets That People Dared to Keep in History

By Meera Kaushal, 23 May 2018


9The Monkey

It is not every day that we get to see such pictures of pets with their owners. This particular photograph was taken in Dhaka in the year 2005 and here you can see the owner, Sohag being lovingly licked by his monkey, Jatra. Loving their pets has no limits for some people it seems!

The Monkey pet

Image Source: .brightside.me


10 The Adventurous Alpaca

Domingo Pianezzi is a highly talented surf coach, and even though it may come as a surprise to many, he taught his alpaca, Pisco the same skills as he had. This particular picture was taken in the month of March in 2010 in Lima.

The Adventurous Alpaca

Image Source: awebic.com

11 The Crocodile


This picture looks very dangerous at first sight, but the reality is that the crocodile was a pet brought by this boy’s father three years prior to this moment. The boy, Wattana Thongjon effortlessly hugged his pet, Kheng and this picture was taken in 2002. The crocodile lived indoors with the family and their two pet dogs and he was given chicken in meals.

The Crocodile pet

Image Source: www.gagdaily.com

12Tippi Hedren and his Lion

Actress Tippi Hedren had kept a lion along with her husband Noel Marshall and their daughter Melanie Griffith for some time. They were thinking that this would teach them a thing or two about lions as they were shooting a movie about the animal. Later she regretted it and said that it was a very stupid belief to risk her family’s safety and life.

Tippi Hedren and his Lion

Image Source: pinimg.com

13Another crocodile

This is undoubtedly the weirdest picture of a child riding an animal we have seen in our entire life. We cannot even think that someone could do this stunt, but this happened in a crocodile farm in the 1920s in Los Angeles. What do you say about this?

Another crocodile

Image Source: giggag.com


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