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14 Unexpected and Efficient Ways to Free Your Body from Toxins and Shine with Health



We are amidst a toxin invasion! They are everywhere in our food, and even the air we breathe in. Our favorite gadgets are also not free of them. Pesticides, mercury, and even uranium are among those who are slowly but steadily poisoning our bodies. But we do not need to give up as there are ways in which we can detoxify our bodies from toxin exposure and be healthy again. Here are 14 unexpected ways to rid ourselves of these toxins and be healthier.

1 Drinking red wine

It sounds counterintuitive to use alcohol to detoxify ourselves but surprisingly this works! There are many medical studies which have proven that a glass of red wine a day can keep urinary tract infections at bay and keep our cholesterol levels low.

Drinking red wine

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2Activated charcoal

Activated charcoal can remove most toxins, heavy metallic irritants and poisons from our body because it has no oxygen in it which makes it absorbent. Activated charcoal is basically made of burnt wood, debris and coconut shells. It comes as a pill and should be taken before a heavy meal or alcohol consumption.

Activated charcoal

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3Drink a lot of water


Water is the natural flushing agent for all the toxins in our body. The more you drink, the cleaner your system is with toxins being flushed out through the urinary tracts. In fact to make a highly efficient water-based drink to detox your body, just take 2tbsp organic apple vinegar and mix it in one gallon of water, shake the mixture thoroughly. Drink this every day in the morning and you’ll see the change soon. A solution made with few drops of lemon in water is also regarded as a good detoxifying drink first thing in the morning.

Drink a lot of water

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4Stop eating refined sugars

Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners are the biggest culprits behind the growing numbers of diabetic patients and heart disease all across the world. These can basically block the natural metabolism of the body and increase blood sugar that creates a vicious cycle of weight gain and contraction of heart-related diseases. Substitute sugar with organic brown sugar, or maple syrup instead. To be totally free of the effects of sugar, try to adjust your taste to sugar-free drinks where you could start drinking tea or coffee with the least or with no sugar if possible.

Skip those pastries, cakes and sweets as they are dangerous combinations of sugar, unhealthy fat and refined flour. Once you start avoiding such stuff, you will stop craving it and your taste buds will adapt to requiring reduced levels of sugar in your food and drink.

Stop eating refined sugars

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5Eat organic

The basic difference between regular supermarket veggies and organic vegetables and fruits is the fact that the latter have no toxins such as pesticides, chemicals, preservatives or even antibiotics. Eating organic food will improve digestion and metabolism of food in the body. Your overall health and immunity improve as it no longer has to fight against unnecessary toxins invading our body through food. The best way is to start your own kitchen garden and limit your buys from local organic market or farmers.

Eat organic

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