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10 Unexpected Foods To Avoid That Could Be Toxic For Your Skin

By Andrew Alpin, 24 January 2018


Food is one weakness that is very hard to overcome. Our sense of taste is often a gift and a curse where we love gorging on foods that are bad for us especially when eaten frequently. Inevitably the results begin to show through weight gain, indigestion and even worse skin problems like acne, aging, wrinkles and the like. Here are unexpected foods toxic for your skin

10 Unexpected Foods to Avoid That Could Be Toxic For Your Skin

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There is nothing worse for your skin than alcohol. It may make you feel on top of the world but once that’s over; it affects your skin by giving you conditions like acne because of hormonal disruption. Alcohol reduces immunity by altering your gut microbiome which is the eco-system in your digestive tract consisting of healthy bacteria essential for mental health, digestion and immunity. Alcohol doesn’t just disrupt this system; it also introduces bad bacteria and gives you a condition called leaky gut.

Alchohol dehydrates your skin making your face and eyes look all puffy. Always limit your alcohol intake to avoid the effects of alcohol on your skin. Eat before leaving home and don’t drink.


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2Rice cakes

Whoever told you that rice cakes are healthy needs their head examined. While you could eat rice cakes if you aren’t concerned about your looks but if you are, then rice cakes are extremely harmful for skin. Rice cakes are among foods toxic for your skin and can cause wrinkles and even impact cognitive function.

Rice also leads to weight gain containing no healthy ingredient. They also cause acne and blotches due to damaged molecules though a process called glycation in which destructive molecules are triggered into action resulting from the refined carbs in rice cakes breaking down into sugar.  The resulting products are also called AGE or advanced glycation end products called AGE’s that damage skin.

Rice cakes

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How to eat rice cakes if you must

The best way to enjoy rice cakes is to eat the ones with flaxseed and add vegetables like tomatoes, sprouts or health white meat like turkey breast to get a good dose of unsaturated fat, vitamins and minerals that can counter the damage. You could also go in for oatcakes instead.

How to eat rice cakes if you must

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Yes, your favorite delicacy is bad for your skin as it causes acne and premature ageing. Sushi contains excess salt which is detrimental to skin. Moreover while most fish are excellent for skin because of the omega 3’s, sushi on the other hand contains large quantities of salt and served with big quantities of high glycemic white rice. Both remove moisture from the epidermis reducing circulation in the skin that contributes to dryness and ageing. Julianne Moore termed this “Sushi face” when she described what happens to her face after eating sushi.

If you eat sushi, be sure to drink a lot of water, perform some good facial exercises, and use a cold compresses to the face. Do not drink alcohol with sushi and sleep at an incline so that fluid will not collect in the face.


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