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12 Reasons Why Tom Cruise’s Kids Don’t Talk To Their Mother Nicole Kidman

By KK Angus, 14 March 2018


Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were a power couple in the '90s. Not only did they rule Hollywood but they also ruled each other's hearts. But like any fairy tale, their relationship met with some drama and they broke up. While they were married they adopted two children, Connor and Isabella. The kids are grown up now and have their lives but are not on good terms with their mother Nicole. In fact, if reports are to be believed, they don't even talk to Nicole.

Tom Cruise’s kids don’t talk to their Mother Nicole Kidman

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Though Nicole has tried her best to reconnects with her kids,  the truth is, after her divorce with Tom, the kids chose sides. And they didn't choose to be on Nicole's side. So why do Connor and Isabella not talk to their mom? Read on.

1Nicole is not into Scientology

Tom Cruise is famously associated with the Church of Scientology which is also one of the reasons behind his divorce to his second wife Katie Holmes. But after their divorce, Nicole cut ties with Scientology and wanted nothing to do with it. Connor and Isabella however were initiated into the Church and did not approve of their mother abandoning the faith. That's one of the reasons they did not want to see Nicole at all after the divorce.

Nicole is not into Scientology

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2They were not co-parents

Divorced star parents often co-parent and coordinate so that their split doesn't affect their children. But Tom and Nicole are not on taking terms and reportedly the kids only wanted to see their mother when absolutely necessary and as they grew up they got terribly distant from her.

They were not co-parents

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3Nicole the outsider?


Any family member or ex-family member of a Scientology follower who does not practice the faith is treated as an outsider. That's exactly what happened with Nicole Kidman. As she distanced herself from Tom and the teachings of Scientology, her kids began to identify as an outsider and it obviously took a toll on their relationship.

Nicole the outsider

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