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This sugar free detox will rid your body of sugar toxins and help you lose weight

By Andrew Alpin, 3 March 2017


If there is one discovery that has contributed to the majority of problems of human health, it is sugar. The excessive use of sugar in commercialized fruit juices, soft drinks and confectionary items to make them even more tempting has led to conditions of teeth decay in children and the worst problem of obesity.’

To lead a healthy lifestyle and lose weight, you need to reduce sugar in your diet. There are ways and means to achieve this and it requires just one word called commitment. Not to anyone but to yourself. Here is a three-day detox to reduce sugar from your body. It’s a good way to get started.

1Reduce sugar in your diet

Excess sugar can lead to worm infestation, depression, yeast infection, insomnia, sinus and obesity. Perhaps the worst problem in high blood sugar levels is diabetes and finally cancer. Sugar increases and contributes to the release of free radicals in the body. These are the agents that target and kill cells which then leads to mutations causing cancer.

Reduce sugar in your diet

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2Sugar increases fat

Your body requires that amount of energy in relation to your physical activity. The calories provided by food are burnt to produce energy. Excess sugar by way of carbonated drinks, cakes, and sweets just pile on the calories. When your body has no use for these calories it converts and stores them into fat. That is how you gain weight from sugar consumption. Although physical exercise everyday will help you burn calories, it is advisable to consume less sugar for its variety of harmful effects on the body. The detox to reduce sugar will show you how to rid the body of sugar.

Bloated Stomach

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