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16 Things Meghan Markle Can No Longer Do Now That She’s Officially A Princess

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 22 May 2018

Marrying a Prince has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are clear; you’re marrying a Prince…and isn’t that a dream come true for every girl out there? But besides the glamour and the awesome life that you’re going to have if you marry a Prince, there are few disadvantages that you probably were not aware of.

They’re definitely not a deal-breaker, but just rules that you have to follow. They probably are not even considered as disadvantages for some, but Meghan was famous before she married a Prince, which means the rules you’re about to see may have an effect on her life.

Although, she most certainly knew about every little detail and law that comes with becoming a royalty, and she was probably not bothered by the things that she can no longer do.

1The dress code is limited

This is one of the most obvious rule or a law that every member of the royal family simply has to follow. Meghan is no exception, even though she is a famous actress. She has to follow the new dress code, which means she’s not allowed to wear sheer dresses anymore.

The dress code for meghan markle

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2Kissing in public

Harry and Meghan are clearly in love. This is not a marriage of any kind of material interest or anything similar. Like we mentioned before, Meghan had a successful acting career and money wasn’t an issue. No matter how strong their love is, kissing in public is against the royal policy.

Kissing in public

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3She also can’t play Monopoly

This has nothing to do with the royal tradition or some secret fact the public is not aware of. The board game “Monopoly” was directly banned by the Queen. But why? Because we all know that sometimes things can get too vicious playing Monopoly, and that’s why the Queen officially banned the board game in the Royal Palace.

play Monopoly

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4Signing autographs for fans is not allowed

This rules applies for every member of the royal family, and not just Meghan. However, things could be a little tougher for her since she has base of loyal fans coming from the successful TV show Suits. The risk of people trying to forge their signatures and duplicate them is the only reason why signing autographs is not allowed among the royals.

Signing autographs for fans

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5No more selfies with the fans either

For some reason, selfies are not allowed either. You can take a regular photo with Prince Harry or Meghan or even the Queen, but not a selfie. No one outside the royal family knows the reason why selfies are not allowed, but it could be related to security issues?

No more selfies with the fans either

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6No Facebook or social accounts in general

Meghan, just like any other celebrity out there, had social accounts with plenty of followers. But that’s no longer the case. Her accounts are gone since January 2018, and that means that she’s serious when it comes to following the Queen’s rules.

Social accounts

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7Can’t sit with crossed legs

This is probably how most women sit and that’s because it is comfortable. And it’s not just women, men sit with crossed legs too. But, the royals have their own ways and according to them, that’s not how a lady sits. Meghan can occasionally cross her ankles but that’s pretty much it.

Can’t sit with crossed legs

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8No voting

No one from the royal family is allowed to vote, but not by law. It’s simply considered unconstitutional for the Monarch to vote in an election. Besides voting, discussions about politics are not allowed as well. Or at least public discussions.

No voting right

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9No more “bare legs.”

This is probably the most obvious tradition or law that Meghan has to follow. Of course, she can’t wear dresses or skirts with “bare legs.” She’s can’t even sit with crossed legs for God’s sake. This could be difficult for Meghan since she seemed to enjoy showing off her slender legs in the past.

Bare legs

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10The Queen says when it’s bedtime

This is not a law or anything, but it’s just a way to show respect to the Queen. It’s kind of disrespectful to go to bed or leave before the Queen does. But she’s 92-years-old, she probably not going to stay up late.

Queen elizabeth

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11No more acting

This is without a doubt the toughest decision Meghan had to make. You can’t be a Princes and an actress at the same time. You simply have to pick one or the other, and Meghan decided to become a Princes.

No more acting

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12No colored nail polish

Most of the rules we’ve seen on this list are dress-code related. The royals seem to be strict when it comes to following traditions, even though some of them don’t really make any sense. Wearing bright colors out to Royal events or in the public is not allowed.

No colored nail polish

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13If she has a son, he can’t wear pants as a baby

Besides women, men have to follow the royal dress code as well. And this rule is applied from the moment a baby is born. There’s nothing wrong about pants in general, but the royal family believes that they’re simply too suburban and shorts are a better option.

Wear pants as a baby

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14She can’t grab a cup of coffee/tea on the go

Brits have no problem with understanding humor and they’re not easily offended, like other nations. But for some reason, they take their tea very seriously. There’s a specific way that royals drink tea and coffee, and Meghan has to follow this rule as well.

Cup of coffee

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15Bodyguards everywhere

Although the royal family does not have any political power or opinion, they’re still extremely guarded by the security service. Meghan is probably used to traveling with a bodyguard, but this is different. She can’t even go out for a walk alone anymore.

Bodyguards everywhere

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16No more blogging

No more pictures, articles or social media. Meghan deleted her social accounts, but she also has to retire her The Tig blog. This wasn’t a political blog or anything. It’s a blog for women who love fashion, food, travel and lifestyle. But a rule is a rule, and you shouldn’t expect any new posts if you’re fan of the blog.

No more blogging

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