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15 Doable Things That Will Help You Sleep Faster

By Bincy Joseph, 17 June 2018


Sleep is one of the essential things in a person’s life to remain fresh and to fill oneself with new and positive energies. For some people getting good sleep is like a having a full king size piece of cake but for some, it may be like a pain in the neck. Trying to count on sheep and a good book read are alternatives that people opt for when they are not getting a “zzzzzz” feel. Some people are so sick of getting a good sleep that they indulge in taking sleeping pills. For all such people who lack a good sleep, here are few things that you can do to have a good night’s sleep.

1No to the Beep! Beep! machine

Yes, we do understand your needs of having your phone all time. But your phone is not going to sing a lullaby for you to have a good night’s sleep, right? So why to take your phones to bed? Keep away your Tring! Tring! Buzzer when you are going to bed.

No to the Beep! Beep! machine

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2Say no to technology

Watching Netflix in the last few hours of the day may seem interesting and exciting. Your laptop and tablets may be one of your most favourite companions on your bed but remember they are not good companions for your sleep. So if you really want to get quality sleep, you have to cut down on all the technology sources that you might be having on your bed.

Say no to technology

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3Get rid of those irksome lights


Sleeping in an atmosphere with lots of glowing lights will not help you in any way. Try to sleep in a blackout atmosphere to improve your sleep. Even if there is a call for switching on the lights in the mid of the night, try to keep it to a minimum. Use night bulbs or dim lights for such needs.

Get rid of those irksome lights

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4Say no to alcohol

Many people have a myth that drinking alcohol gets you a sound sleep, but the truth is that a person takes about sixty minutes for metabolizing one drink. So if you want to get a good night’s sleep then make sure you are not consuming any alcoholic beverages after nine.

Say no to alcohol

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5Keep away from nicotine

If smoking is your habit, then make sure that you are not smoking before you go to bed or the nicotine content can prevent you from getting good sleep.

Keep away from nicotine

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