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15 Facts And Symptoms Of Pancreatic Cancer You Should Never, Ever Ignore

By Andrew Alpin, 10 April 2018


6You're unintentionally reducing weight

Among symptoms of pancreatic cancer, this is a tell-tale sign of something dangerously wrong is an alarming drop in appetite. This can lead to weight loss, which is more than 5%of your body weight in the span of six months without any obvious physical or external reason, than its time to get yourself seen by the experts…fast!

reducing weight

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7Your favorite dessert makes you puke

If you suddenly start developing anorexia, that is a big cause for concern. Loss of appetite is another early indicator of pancreatic cancer. That's because as tumors grow in the abdomen they can put pressure on surrounding organs, including your stomach, The result: you feel nauseous or feel full even if you haven't eaten in hours. Eating may even feel painful. 

favorite dessert makes you puke

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8Your lower back is killing you all the time!


Yet another dangerous sign which can be easily confused by the usual menstrual cramps women are so used to dealing with that they take these persistent throbbing pains as a part and parcel of their periods. Pancreatic tumor when increases in size puts pressure on the internal organs, lower spine and back muscles causing a constant dull pain. If these pains persist days after your periods are gone then there is something sinister going on inside you and you must not wait to get it checked. 

lower back

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9Your pee looks more like tea

According to the American Cancer Society dark color urine is usually the result of dehydration and also the first sign of jaundice that people do notice. Now, in the case of pancreatic cancer, the tumor causes less bile to be excreted and therefore the bilirubin count in the blood increases making the urine brown in color. If increasing your water intake still doesn’t lighten up the color, it’s high time you get yourself thoroughly checked for jaundice which is always the 1st stage of pancreatic cancer. 

Your pee looks more like tea

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10Your poop looks alien

Bilirubin is the culprit here too for your light color alien poop. According to the ACS, Bilirubin is typically excreted through your bowels as regular poop, but when there is not enough bile in your system the usual color of your feces changes and gets lighter and sticker and gross. This can also happen not just because of cancer but also due to liver disease and gastrointestinal infections which are bad news too. So if you notice any such changes in your poop it’s high time you go to the doctor.

 Your poop looks alien

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