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These Symptoms May Indicate That Your Blood Sugar is High

By Kavita Panyam, 29 September 2017


High blood sugar is associated with the dreaded disease, diabetes. The disease is often diagnosed long after the telltale symptoms show up. With the kind of unhealthy food and lazy lifestyle that people have got accustomed to, it is no wonder that this disease is affecting people of all ages. It is therefore important to understand what the symptoms associated with the killer disease are.

1Excessive urination


Drinking a lot of liquid before going to bed may cause trips to the bathroom in the wee hours. But when the blood sugar level is high, it could lead to urinary tract infections that could cause excessive urination in the nights. This condition is also known as Polyuria.

Excessive urination

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2Excessive thirst


Feeling excessively thirsty is another classic symptom of high blood sugar. Also known as Polydipsia, this condition is a response to the dehydrating effects of Polyuria. People are misled by the notion that excessive urination is caused by the excessive thirst and brush the symptom away as being normal. To make matters worse, most reach for a soda to quench their thirst, and as sodas contain both sugar and caffeine, while the sugar raises the blood sugar level, even more, higher, the caffeine, a diuretic makes the excessive urination worse. This again causes excessive thirst.

Excessive thirst

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