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Study Finds Parkinson’s Disease Originates in the Gut before Affecting the Brain

By Andrew Alpin, 27 June 2017


3The big answer how Proteins were altered in the gut

Although the altered proteins present in the gut was found in the lumen (space inside the gastrointestinal tract), the puzzling fact was that “nerves are not open to the lumen,” said gastroenterologist Dr. Rodger Liddle, senior author of the new paper which appeared on June 15th in the journal JCI Insight.

According to Liddle, the clue to how altered proteins moved from the lumen to nerve cells was found in the study of 2015. The new research found cells in the lining of the small intestine that acted like nerve cells. These were actually endocrine cells which produced hormones but they contained neurotransmitters and also proteins usually found in neurons. The cells even branched out in the same manner as neurons do for communication.

How Proteins were altered in the gut

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4Endocrine cells behaved like nerve cells and connected with them

The endocrine cells being in close proximity of neurons even behaved like them and connected through fibers sprouting between the cells. It was this process that was captured on video in the research of 2015. Liddle concluded that these cells actually possessed nerve cell like properties. The new research also found that these endocrine cells also contained alpha-synuclein. Liddle’s research team now wants to establish that the endocrine cells present in Parkinson’s patients also carry the mutated or malformed version of alpha-synuclein.By establishing this; it will be conclusive proof that Parkinson’s disease is indeed originating in the gut and spreading from there via the vagus nerve.

Endocrine cells behaved like nerve cells

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5What is altering the structure of the alpha-synuclein protein?


Earlier research has shown that pesticide exposure and bacteria could be a likely cause of Parkinson’s. There is a possibility that these agents could be affecting the endocrine cells causing the malformation of the protein. As of now, these are possibilities which require further study but if established that Parkinson’s originates in the gut, it will be a giant leap in the understanding of Parkinson’s. Scientists could then formulate tests to diagnose Parkinson’s in earlier stages of its origins and form new ways to treat the disease and as they say “NIP IT IN THE GUT”

structure of the alpha-synuclein protein

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