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15 Stars Who Just Got Lucky And Manipulated Their Way Up

By KK Angus, 16 March 2018


6Kristen Stewart

All Kristen Stewart needed for her success was one breakout teen phenomenon and she got it. Post Twilight, there was no stopping her. Though she has never really played conventional characters, she doesn't really have any range. People have often called her expressionless and yet she is not only one of the biggest stars right now but a total fashion icon.

Kristen Stewart

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7Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher was always more of a comedian than an actor. He made it big with a reality show where he punked celebs and then did some pretty dumb comedies. Then came Two and a Half Men which he could not use to his benefit at all. As a result, Hollywood doesn't really take him seriously anymore and he doesn't get movies.

Ashton Kutcher

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8Chris Hemsworth


Will Chris Hemsworth have a career post, Thor? Doesn't look like it. The blonde superstar obviously got his big Hollywood break owing to his excellent looks. And while looks might be enough in modelling, in the last few years Hollywood has been looking for more interesting leading men and six packs just doesn't cut it anymore.

Chris Hemsworth

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9Blake Lively

Blake Lively would have made for a great supermodel. She is blonde, skinny and tall, which is the holy trifecta on the runway. But she got her breakthrough role in teen drama Gossip Girl where she just had to look pretty and that’s it. And the world was fooled to think Blake is an actor. But as Gossip Girl ended and Blake started doing movies, it became pretty clear that Blake is many things, like a fashion trailblazer, a showstopper, a good wife and mother, but not a good actor.

Blake Lively

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10Nicholas Cage

Nicholas entered Holywood at a time where his unconventional looks were his assets but he could barely act. As years went by he did get good roles and commercially acclaimed films. But now he has become totally redundant as he can't play the leading role and he is quite older.

Nicholas Cage

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