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20 Insane Rules the Royal Children Have To Follow

By Christopher Paul, 25 June 2018


Many of us have wondered what it would be like to be born in the Royal Family. What an amazing life Prince George and Princess Charlotte must be having. They’re kids so obviously all the teaching about how to behave and carry yourself would come later, right? No, even though they are children they are being taught how to be a member of the Royal Family.

The moment any member, be it an adult or a child is out in public and in the eyes of the media and the world, they represent the Royal Family. They are taught how to behave, how to talk, how to interact, how to carry themselves from a young age and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Here are the insane rules the children of the Royal Family have to follow:

1No Monopoly


You must have heard about the fun and slightly addictive board game “Monopoly”, it is a fun and entertaining way to spend time with the whole family, that’s if you are not royal. This rule is not just for the children but for all the members of the Royal Family. But why you may ask. Because it’s too emotional and even a prim and proper family like the royal one can succumb to the high emotions.

No Monopoly

Image Source: www.unilad.co.uk

2No Slouching


Posture is very important; you must have heard this somewhere in middle school in PE class. For the young royal children, this is drilled into their head until it becomes permanent for them. You will only get a glimpse of the royal children slouching. Not only that but they are also taught how to sit properly.

No Slouching

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3No Eating After the Queen Is Done


At the dinner table, once the Queen has finished her meal everyone present there is expected to stop eating as well. This is done as a sign of respect to the Queen. Naturally being kids they are allowed to eat till their meals are done but they are taught from now to finish before the Queen. It has been noted in large events the Queen sets her purse on the table signalling that everyone should finish in 5 minutes.

No Eating After the Queen Is Done

Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

4No Handling Money


Yes, the members of the Royal Family aren’t allowed to handle money. This is for safety reasons mostly as they could be robbed or harmed. The members have staff who will run errands and hold their money for them. Another reason is hygiene, it is a precaution to not let the family members touch hands or objects that are unsanitary.

No Handling Money

Image Source: itv.com

5Accepting All Gifts


This would be an easy one to teach as which child does not like gifts? But this actually applies to every member of the Royal Family. When greeted with a gift, it is a tradition for them to accept it graciously and say ‘Thank you’ with a smile.

Accepting All Gifts

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