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25 Amusing Photos That Can't Be Logically Explained

By Meera Kaushal, 8 May 2018


While surfing the internet, we get to see a whole lot of pictures from around the world. Some are funny, some motivational, some beautiful and some are bizarre. While looking at those bizarre photographs, we tend to always make sense of what all might have conspired for that moment to be captured, but we don’t get the answers. Today, we are going to share with you 25 of such outrageous pictures, which don’t really make any sense.

1What is he trying to do?

There are so many questions regarding this picture in our mind that we cannot even start to mention. So, I guess it’s better that we just leave it!

bathroom selfie

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

2Fashion Non-sense

People tend to do a lot of things in the name of fashion, but when they go to such extents, we have to complain and say that this doesn’t make any sense.

Fashion Non-sense

Image Source: terrainteressante.com

3How to drink now?


Can you drink something out of this container? The next question: who actually made this and why??

How to drink now

Image Source: veetbox.ru

4Packed up!

Is he scared of someone and hiding here or is he trying to scare off the people around him? You decide!

Packed up!

Image Source: sportdog.gr

5What the hell!

This is officially the weirdest picture in this list. We don’t even want to think why he thought of doing this stunt!

weirdest picture

Image Source: www.architectureworld.me


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