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25 Amusing Photos That Can't Be Logically Explained

By Meera Kaushal, 8 May 2018

While surfing the internet, we get to see a whole lot of pictures from around the world. Some are funny, some motivational, some beautiful and some are bizarre. While looking at those bizarre photographs, we tend to always make sense of what all might have conspired for that moment to be captured, but we don’t get the answers. Today, we are going to share with you 25 of such outrageous pictures, which don’t really make any sense.

1What is he trying to do?

There are so many questions regarding this picture in our mind that we cannot even start to mention. So, I guess it’s better that we just leave it!

bathroom selfie

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

2Fashion Non-sense

People tend to do a lot of things in the name of fashion, but when they go to such extents, we have to complain and say that this doesn’t make any sense.

Fashion Non-sense

Image Source: terrainteressante.com

3How to drink now?

Can you drink something out of this container? The next question: who actually made this and why??

How to drink now

Image Source: veetbox.ru

4Packed up!

Is he scared of someone and hiding here or is he trying to scare off the people around him? You decide!

Packed up!

Image Source: sportdog.gr

5What the hell!

This is officially the weirdest picture in this list. We don’t even want to think why he thought of doing this stunt!

weirdest picture

Image Source: www.architectureworld.me


And all of us thought these two words meant the same thing. How stupid of us, right?! I hope people could use some common sense here or even a thesaurus would have been fine in this case.

garbage only

Image Source: www.architectureworld.me

7Hair in the air!

She took the love for balloons to a whole new level, literally over her head! I mean, who does this, to style their hair? Or, is she styling the scene with balloons? Confusing, right?

Hair in the air!

Image Source: www.rireenboite.com

8With the chicks!

Okay, so we some sort of an explanation for this one. He wanted to impress people by being with some chicks and obviously, he didn’t have any around, so he just caught hold of some hens from the farm and tried to strike a laid-back pose.

With the chicks!

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

9All covered up!

He has made sure that he doesn’t get a tan while sunbathing! Or is he trying to be this person who could give chits to students in the examinations and currently he is advertising his services!

covered up!

Image Source: evolveforinnerpeace.com

10Natural setting to work

Who doesn’t like to have a natural setting when they are at work? But the person who has done this has taken it to an all new level.

Natural setting to work

Image Source: caak.mn

11Who does this?

Although we don’t like to call people beasts, but the one who did this surely qualifies to be a close relative of a beast. 

Who does this

Image Source: incrível.club

12Too much clarity

When people think that the entire world is as dumb as them! Why oh why? Exactly, why do people do such things?

Too much clarity

Image Source: owned.com

13Why did you do this?

The guy responsible for this job had this one simple task to accomplish, yet he messed up and big time at that! I don’t like the fact that he messed up with such a cute photograph of that pup.

Why did you do this

Image Source: diply.com

14Baking is an art!

Even if you bake simple cookies, you need to apply at least some brains! And this is what happens when you don’t! You get half-baked cookies and an oven full to get cleaned up.

Baking is an art!

Image Source: www.obsev.com

15Locked in!

Now how will this person get the keys to use the lock? This one is just going to the trash can now.

Locked in!

Image Source: wnews.promo

16Why oh Why!

Just look closely at this board and you will know why we have put this picture on this list. I am wondering though, how did this plug get into the socket? Can someone please explain!

mobile charging

Image Source: Increible.co

17The wait is going to be a long one

Now that he has lost the ladder, he will have to wait up, on the tree for someone to come and rescue him. Just hoping he doesn’t fall before that.

The wait is going

Image Source: boamente.co

18Couldn’t they decide the right positioning?

Look at the picture, hanging on the wall and you will find that the person responsible for putting this up was actually either super busy or super stupid!

Look at the picture

Image Source: 9gag.com

19Job of a genius!

I don’t have words to describe the state of mind of the person who has installed this on top of that building!

Job of a genius

Image Source: vocesabia.com

20What a way to hold the neck!

Although the thing that he has used to keep his neck in check seems absurd, but we must say that he has found the right solution to the problem. Don’t you think so?

way to hold the neck!

Image Source: funnypicsonly.com


Look closely at the dashboard of the car! Did you see the person in there? Do you have any clue as to why and how he got there? I just hope it was some stupid game or else I will have to bang my head on the wall to set it straight!

dashboard of the car

Image Source: www.culturehook.com

22Double time!

Who could have done this? And who needs that? But, I am hoping that this mistake was rectified sooner than later.

Double time! clock

Image Source: www.barnorama.com

23Too much to handle!

Even for our eyes, this sight is too much to handle and when I start to think what must have happened to the person who came to clean this up, I cannot even imagine his reaction.

Too much to handle!

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

24The crude barber

This poor man became a victim of a barber that too busy on his phone! Wait, or did he himself ask the barber to do this, just to have fun this one time?

crude barber

Image Source: likelab.net

25Confused cat!

Can you figure out what does this cat want? Is he thirsty or is he just trying to bring some relief to his hot head!

Confused cat!

Image Source: wowfeed.me