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25 Amusing Photos That Can't Be Logically Explained

By Meera Kaushal, 8 May 2018



And all of us thought these two words meant the same thing. How stupid of us, right?! I hope people could use some common sense here or even a thesaurus would have been fine in this case.

garbage only

Image Source: www.architectureworld.me

7Hair in the air!

She took the love for balloons to a whole new level, literally over her head! I mean, who does this, to style their hair? Or, is she styling the scene with balloons? Confusing, right?

Hair in the air!

Image Source: www.rireenboite.com

8With the chicks!


Okay, so we some sort of an explanation for this one. He wanted to impress people by being with some chicks and obviously, he didn’t have any around, so he just caught hold of some hens from the farm and tried to strike a laid-back pose.

With the chicks!

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com

9All covered up!

He has made sure that he doesn’t get a tan while sunbathing! Or is he trying to be this person who could give chits to students in the examinations and currently he is advertising his services!

covered up!

Image Source: evolveforinnerpeace.com

10Natural setting to work

Who doesn’t like to have a natural setting when they are at work? But the person who has done this has taken it to an all new level.

Natural setting to work

Image Source: caak.mn


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