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Couples posts photoshoot of two sets of twins which becomes a viral sensation instantly

By Andrew Alpin, 21 March 2017

Every child is a miracle and twins of course are a double blessing. One such couple considering themselves truly blessed was so happy with their twins that they decided to post pics of them on social media. The couple’s photoshoot of twins goes viral immediately after they posted the same on social media. Needless to say the cuteness overload caused the photos to go viral instantly.

Photographers Juliet Cannici and her wife Nikki were enthralled with their new twins girls Gia and gemma delivered on Jan 26th. They also had a set of earlier twins named Nico and Siena. Now they feel their family is complete. To celebrate they decided to have a photoshoot.

1 The older kids showed extreme positivity during the pregnancy

Juliet and Nikki’s earlier children were overjoyed at having two baby sisters. According to Cannici, the kids would spend month’s snuggled upto their mom’s pregnant stomach singing and gently speaking to the unborn babies. The children are gentle and affectionate with the new twins and love to carry and feed them.

The newborn twins are just 11 days old. According to Cannici, the photos were not coming right. She wanted to capture Nico and Siena carrying the babies wearing the outfits she had rented but it didn’t seem to work out.

Juliet and Nikki twin kids.

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2 The perfect photoshoot

She then decided on an idea. She asked them to snuggle up to each other and that was magical. The older twins immediately wrapped their arms around the new born twins and Cannici even got them to smile and act goofy. It brought a big change to the photos.

The perfect photoshoot.

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3 The kids love their new baby sisters

By observing the photos Cannici is excited about the relationship bond she sees building up. It reflects into a reality where Nico and Siena can be heard saying several times a day that they love their baby sisters a lot. They have promised to keep them safe forever. Both Cannici and Niki are happy with the beautiful transition for the family.

baby twins.

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4 A happy family with four adorable babies

When Cannici had uploaded the photos of her four kids, the shot immediately went viral. She says ““I hope when people look at that photo they can see the true joy.” She continues to say, “To see our babies all together makes me feel such happiness and accomplishment. The joy you see on Nico and Siena’s faces is entirely genuine.”

Cannici and her wife Nikki had struggled with infertility for several years but finally their efforts bore fruit. They are happy that they are now a family with four adorable babies.

adorable babies with mother.

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