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12 People Who Destroyed Their Lives Trying To Become Famous

By Andrew Alpin, 13 September 2017


9 Martina Adams

Martina Adams had almost disfigured herself with plastic surgery with the false notions it made her look beautiful. But now still unsatisfied, she says she wants to transform herself into a black woman and she has started by changing her hairstyle to an Afro look. She plans to change her facial structure, her buttocks, and her hair to look completely black. What a weirdo.

Martina Adams

Image Source: www.dailydot.com


8David Nuno

David Nuno was a victim of the choking game where kids do silly things and post it on YouTube. David Nuno and his friends were playing the choking game when he lost consciousness and passed out on the floor falling on a piece of glass and cutting his jugular vein. He bled to death which goes to show the foolishness of such incidents.

David Nuno

Image Source: www.abclocal.go.com


7Ryan Dunn


Ryan Dunn starred in the TV Show Jackass that was made into a movie. It consisted of men performing stupid stunts like idiots. Ryan Dunn died during one such stunt racing his Porsche at 130mph in a 55 mph zone. He crashed dying instantly along with his co passenger Zachary Hartwell.

Ryan Dunn

Image Source: www.nbcphiladelphia.com



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