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21 Trash Panda Photos that Will Melt Your Heart

By Meera Kaushal, 8 May 2018

Trash Pandas, commonly known as raccoons may be notorious for invading and tumbling your trash cans, but because they look so cute, they have been given the rightful title of being ‘Trash Pandas.” The name has also been given because raccoons belong to a biological suborder, Caniformia in which you will find bears, dogs and yes, also the red pandas. So, they deserve that name, don’t you think so?

Raccoons are considered as the instinct-driven bandits, but did you know they are known for their intelligence as well. Ethologists studied them throughout the 1900s and found that they have a razor sharp memory with which they can remember solutions to tasks for almost 3 years, which is actually their average lifespan itself. So, it is quite possible that they will remember your face, your house and especially the place you keep your trash cans.

Whatever may be the case, you know that they melt your hearts when they look at you with those beady eyes and do stuff that makes them adorable. Keeping that in mind, we have collected some of the cutest pictures of the trash pandas, which will surely make your day.

1Tumbling down the floor

Yes, they can also tumble themselves just as they topple your garbage cans!

Tumbling down the floor

Image Source: boredpanda.com

2Please forgive me!

Are you not going to forgive this little critter? Just look into those eyes, they are literally begging for an apology.

Please forgive me!

Image Source: boredpanda.com

3Those little games

Engaging a raccoon in such cute little games makes for a delightful sight!

Engaging a raccoon

Image Source: zoozoo.hu

4Their own toys

Just like human babies, who cannot resist dolls and toys; a raccoon too likes to be with a toy in which he sees himself. So much love!

Their own toys

Image Source: cuna.me

5Happy tears

This cutie got food from a human, and just look at those watery eyes. My heart is literally melting now.

Happy tears

Image Source: hayvan.me

6Peek a boo

Can you just ignore that he is hiding there in your backyard and make him happy while he believes that he is doing a great job at hiding?

Peek a boo

Image Source: dlyakota.ru

7Lemme play with those bubbles

So, now you know one more thing you can do to not let them invade your space. Just give them a bubble game to be engaged in and you’re done!

Lemme play with those bubbles

Image Source: imgur.com

8My own ride

This little kit is certainly enjoying his private ride. I just love the trust that he has on the dog though!

My own ride

Image Source: zefirka.net

9I’m hungry!

And I don’t need a vessel to keep my food because my tummy is the best!

I  m hungry!

Image Source: imgur.com

10Let me think!

Okay, so you are giving me this treat in dishes, and though I don’t do those, I’ll still keep your heart and eat out of them.

Let me think!

Image Source: www.rireenboite.com

11 Oops, you caught me!

I loved this drawer, why did you come here?

you caught me!

Image Source: yandex.ru

12Bath time

Don’t you just love the happy look on the face of this raccoon?

raccoon in bathtub

Image Source: zoozoo.hu

13Jumping with the water

They don’t just enjoy a quiet bath in the tub, but can also play with water by being all jumpy.

Jumping with the water

Image Source: screenhumor.com

14Selfie with the baby

Who doesn’t love to be treated like a baby, yes even the raccoons!

Selfie with the baby raccoon

Image Source: postimees.ee


There seems to be no limit to the ways a raccoon enjoys being near water. And a pool is the best place anyways!


Image Source: weibo.com

16My Throne

Nobody dares make me move from here, because I have claimed my throne!

My Throne

Image Source: lippycorn.com

17 Waiting for food!

This one is waiting for its food to arrive in front of it. It seems like he is one of those good chaps, who is not accustomed to being a nuisance; just to have his tummy full.

raccoon waiting for the food

Image Source: lippycorn.com

18Natural space

One can even consider this spot to be that place where he hides from the world when he doesn’t want to mingle with anyone.

Natural space for raccoon

Image Source: lippycorn

19Let’s enter quietly

The bandits have arrived, but they are entering in very quietly. The commotion may start when they enter the house though!

enter quietly

Image Source: www.pinterest.cl

20Keep me holding tight

Okay, this kit has officially won my heart and I cannot say anything more than this about him.

Keep me holding tight

Image Source: surfingbird.ru

21Blissful fountain

A clear space-check! Water around-check! A beautiful fountain like feel-check! I don’t think this little brat needs anything at all now, at this moment! We hope you have liked these pictures as much as we did. Do tell us which one is your favorite.

Blissful fountain

Image Source: www.cnnturk.com