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Miley Cyrus is Going Back To Her Roots, Her Transformation Is Absolutely Stunning

By Andrew Alpin, 2 November 2017


5Concerned about country music fans

A recent interview expressed how the singer was eager to embrace country music fans. She also told Billboard that the reason she joined the NBC singing reality show “The Voice” was so that she could hang out with Blake Shelton to get some country credibility. “The fact that -country music fans are scared of me that hurts me” she says. Incidentally, Miley has been brought up in a country music environment with early stamps of approval from the likes of iconic Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash.

Miley Cyrus

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6Thank Liam Hemsworth

All said and done, we hope this new look Miley stays and of course we have Liam Hemsworth to thank for it. The couple is definitely going to be in the spotlight but it remains to be seen whether there is a wedding in the offing or not.

Miley Cyrus with Liam Helmsworth

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7Malibu her latest single


If you watch “Malibu” her latest single, one can’t help seeing the country influence where there are no special gimmicks, no rapping and certainly no dramatics but unadulterated Miley with a soulful voice belting out the pop-rock number with just lovely guitaring. Most of the lyrics have been written by Miley herself.

Miley Cyrus looks stunning

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8Watch her official video of "Malibu" on YouTube

Miley says she had written Malibu in the back of an Uber and “Malibu’ is a no-nonsense song delivered as direct as possible. As revealed by Billboard, her new album will definitely show that the new Miley Cyrus is going back to her roots with a new sound where one should get ready for a bit of twang with "quiet acoustic turns and epic pop"


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