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This Man Does Something That Makes Him World’s Biggest Dog Lover

By Jatin Sharma, 27 April 2017


2 What is his mission?

His mission to help out dogs started when he wanted to meet as many dogs as he could. Each time he met a dog, his mission and will grew stronger. Gradually, his mission went from ‘meeting all dogs’ to ‘spread awareness about rescue dogs and find every dog a home’. His side kick Goose, a Rottweiler, and Ryan spend time all over the world, spreading information and educating people about different kinds of dogs and how to be patient and kind with them.

Ryan Anderson with his pet

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He decided to use the power of social media and created an Instagram account by the name of ‘Aussie Dog guy’. He uploads photos of every dog he meets every day and details his adventures of meeting new dogs through these photos.

Ryan Anderson1

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3 The current situation with him

However, Anderson’s love doesn’t stop at dogs, he loves cats too and by the looks of the pictures on his Instagram, they love him back too. “Not only is it my full-time job to work with rescue animals, it is also my passion and hobby," Anderson said. "I live and breathe dogs."

Anderson’s love for dogs

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Currently, he owns only two animals, Goose, the dog and Krumm the cat. This is because he wants more free space to continuously foster dogs and cats and then find them their forever homes. He said that rather than adopting animals himself and giving only a handful of dogs and cats shelter, he wants to give every dog and cat in the world, a forever home, where they are loved and cared for. Anderson says,” My favorite part would definitely be the moment one of your foster dogs finds his forever home. It's sad to say goodbye, but it opens up a new spot for another foster to join the family."

Anderson’s love love for dogs1

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In the end, he said that his ultimate dream is to start his own rescue organization and have a farm where all the rescue animals, who don’t find a forever home, can live out their days in peace.


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