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How To Fix 15 Major Health Problems All Of Us Suffer From In The Summer

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 26 June 2018


Summer season is in full swing nowadays with hot winds blowing in the daytime and the sunrays getting harsh, making it very difficult to live without ACs and coolers. However, there are some benefits of the summer season too as you can get up early in the morning and can go for a walk or jog. You can relish the pleasure of digging teeth in ice creams or cool desserts. For most people, the best part about summer is that they can get rid of heavy woolen clothes. However, there are some problems that you can face during summer which can spoil the fun of the season.

Here are 15 such major health problems as well as their solutions:

1Food poisoning


You have to be very careful about what you eat in summers because due to heat, food items spoil very fast. In addition, avoid eating outside and focus more on juices as well as fruits such as watermelon, olives and other juicy fruits. Try to eat only fresh food and smell every food item before eating. Follow 4Cs to save yourself from food poisoning – cleanliness, cooking thoroughly, chill appropriately and avoid cross contamination.

The symptoms of food poisoning are vomiting, nausea and diarrhea and if any of these symptoms are seen, contact your doctor immediately.

Food poisoning

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When sunrays are harsh, make sure that your body parts are covered with clothes. Also don’t forget to wear a hat or cap to protect your head. Sunburns happen when skin is exposed to sunrays for a long time. Sunscreen can be applied on skin to avoid sunburn and if sunrays are very strong, apply sunscreen in every two hours and drink more water.

The first symptom of sunburn is that it will feel painful to touch that part of the skin which is burnt. Menthol, aloe or camphor can be applied on the burn skin but if the burn is big and paining a lot, don’t delay in contacting the doctor.


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3Dust allergy


The influx of dust in the house is more in summers than in winters because in summers, we tend to keep the windows of the house open. This dust can be the cause of allergy and asthma so you need to maintain cleanliness. Use vacuum cleaner once in a week to clean the house as well as change and wash the bedding and blankets once in a week. If you have pets in house, groom them and pay proper attention on the cleanliness of babies.

Dust allergy

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4Hay fever


Those who suffer from allergies or asthma are more prone to hay fever as it is caused because of the allergic reaction to the pollen from plants. This reaction will result in inflammation, sneezing, cough, fatigue and headache.

Some people get to suffer because of pollens in spring while some suffer in the summer season. Avoiding going outdoors during the peak pollen times is the best way to save yourself from hay fever. What’s more, keep doors and windows of the house closed. Medications and nasal sprays can be used to manage the allergic condition but if it gets severe, see the doctor.

Hay fever

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5Sweating and the stinky smell


Heavy sweating in underarms and feet can be a big problem for some as it is very stinky and can damage your image to a great extent. Using deodorant is the easiest way to handle this problem but if you are allergic to deodorants, you are left with the option of wearing clothes made of natural materials like cotton, etc. Taking bath a couple of times can also help with this issue. Drink green tea in summers instead of usual tea or coffee.

Sweating and the stinky smell

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