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How to Get Rid of Piles Within a Week!

By AK, 25 May


Inflammation or swelling of veins, tissues or blood vessels in the anal canal is called piles. The initial stage of the disease has no visible symptoms but the patient himself can feel the discomfort while passing stool. The disease has several stages. If the symptoms of piles are avoided, the disease can get worse and lead to a large number of complications and worsen the condition of the patient. In severe stages of the disease, the patient remains in so much pain that he may get bed-ridden.

Every person with the schedule of sitting jobs all through the day run at a high risk of developing piles. It is essential for people to be aware of the disease and if they observe any symptoms of the disease, they should immediately consult a professional for help.

The first stage of piles can be cured with antibiotics and altering food habits and daily schedule as suggested by the doctor. But its grow at high stages patient has to go for piles laser treatment to remove permanently.. Do not take the condition lightly. Read below to find more about the disease.

1What are Piles?

Swelling and inflammation of veins, muscles, elastic fibers and tissues in the rectum or anus is the condition called Piles. It is also commonly known as Hemorrhoids. It is found in the anal canal of the human excretory system. Piles are noticed in a huge majority of the population these days, especially the ones a part of corporate jobs.

Hemorrhoids may vary in size. The size of the hemorrhoid is different for people, mostly varying on the stage and the extent of the disease. Piles can be internal or external.


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2Stages of the Disease

1 First Grade Piles- Piles are developed in the anus or rectum of the person. There are no visible symptoms of this stage of the disease.

2 Second Grade Piles- In this stage of piles, the patient can visibly observe the symptoms of the disease. Piles can be seen protruding from the anus at the time of passing stool. These piles go back inside the anus on their own after the bowel movements.

3 Third Grade Piles- Just like the second stage, the piles come out from the anal opening while passing. But in this stage, they do not go back inside on their own. The piles need to be pushed back inside the anus with fingers after the bowel movements.

4 Fourth Grade Piles- In this stage, the piles are permanently protruding outside from the anal opening. They cannot be pushed back inside. The person has discomfort while sitting and passing stool.

Stages of the Disease

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3Susceptible patients of Piles- Causes of the disease


In today’s lifestyle, anyone can have piles. Most people are susceptible to have this disease. With the passage of age, the muscles and tissues in the rectum and anus become weak and stretched out. This increases the risk of piles. The common causes of piles include:

  1. Exerting force during bowel movements.
  2. Spending a long time on the toilet seat.
  3. Obesity.
  4. Chronic Constipation.
  5. Chronic Diarrhea.
  6. Pregnancy or post delivery.
  7. Anal Intercourse
  8. Unhealthy eating habits- Less consumption of water and nutritious, fiber-rich diet.

Susceptible patients of Piles- Causes of the disease

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4Is it Piles that’s bothering you? Check for the symptoms of the disease

  1. Hard and painful lump around the anus.
  2. Discharge of Blood in the stool.
  3. Painful bowel movements.
  4. Severe Anal Bleeding.
  5. Infection around the anus and anal opening.
  6. Inability to control bowel movements.

Is it Piles that’s bothering you? Check for the symptoms of the disease

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5Food to avoid during piles

  1. Spicy and oily food that can cause bloating.
  2. Polished Rice
  3. Bakery Products including cakes and bread.
  4. Frozen food and snacks
  5. Ice creams
  6. Chips and cheesy food
  7. Processed and Microwavable food

Food to avoid during piles

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6Effective treatments to get Rid of piles Within a week


Stage one of the Piles can be treated and cured with just normal food precautions, changes in diet and lifestyle. The doctor may also prescribe some antibiotics for the piles treatment. But this process can be slow. It may take a few weeks to get rid of piles this way.

The best way to get rid of piles in just one week is the laser treatment for piles. With this latest and advanced technology, the patient can get rid of piles in a pain-free way! There are no surgical means involved in this treatment. The laser treatment is a daycare process. It means that the patient can ho come, completely healthy and fit, the same day after the treatment. Unlike the traditional open surgery, the patient would not have to stay on bed for weeks in the recovery period. The patient can resume his normal life after a few hours of rest post the treatment!

Effective treatments to get Rid of piles Within a week

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