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Why Didn’t Hollywood Work Out For Kate Hudson?

By KK Angus, 28 March 2018

Kate Hudson stormed the film industry when she starred in films like Desert Blue, Almost Famous in the late '90s and early 2000s. And yet, two decades later Kate Hudson's stardom has taken a serious hit. She's a serious looker and obviously talented but she made too many wrong choices especially career-wise. Then of course, she has had quite a lot of issues with her family. In spite of growing up around industry pros Kate couldn't come close to her mom Goldie Hawn's stardom. Here’s why Hollywood needs Kate Hudson anymore.

1In need of a label

Kate, like some of other Hollywood actresses needs a label. Despite being a good actor she's not very versatile and much like Charlize Theron and Anna Hathaway, she never really picked a lane when she started out in Hollywood. She could either be commercially popular like her mom Goldie or could go for indie cred but Kate does not seem to have the ability to multitask like Blake Lively or Scarlett Johansson. And she must have come to the realisation pretty late.

Kate Hudson

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When Kate started out, people refused to take her seriously as she obviously got into Hollywood owing to her mother. And while several other actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie have entered the industry based on nepotism, they have obviously proved their mettle. Kate in spite of having a strong start failed to prove herself time and again.

Kate Hudson

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3Not exactly a trailblazer

If Hollywood has proved anything it's that everyone needs to set their priorities straight. Someone like Angelina Jolie or Julia Roberts can afford to be choosy about roles or experiment and do one film a year. But Kate has always been moderately famous and she doesn't exactly have a tag. She is neither the indie icon nor a commercial success. She is not a wild child and she isn't grounded either. If she needs one thing to make an audience base it's obviously films. But she hardly ever does films anymore and her earlier films were so disappointing, her fans have a hard time defending her stardom.

Kate Hudson Screen Actors Guild Awards

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4Family - too dysfunctional?

Kate has not had a relationship with her father and considers her mother’s longtime boyfriend Kurt Russell to be her dad. She also has a very tricky relationship with her brother Oliver who is also an actor. Her personal life is too cluttered and on top of it, Kate is notoriously private. Her fans want to learn more about her life but have no idea what's going on with her.

Inside Kate Hudson's Pretty Happy

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5Not a power couple

Kate used to be married to The Muse frontman Matt Bellamy with whom she has a child. But Kate and Matt have always been secretive about their life together. Fans who were excited about their marriage eventually lost interest in them as they hardly ever made appearances together or even put up a front. A Hollywood starlet and a rock star have some serious power couple potential but Kate and Matt were never really interested.

Kate used to be married to The Muse frontman Matt Bellamy

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6Disappointing resume

Kate has been one of the most unfortunate stars at the box office. In spite of being considerably talented and having a great screen presence, Kate fails to pull audiences to her movies. She not only chose bad films but did not live up to her full potential in any of them. Her disappointing performances in Bride Wars and Something Borrowed miffed her fans. Truth be told, a couple of bad films or a bad phase can be explained away. But Kate has had a bad run since 2000 and her fans don't exactly know who to blame.

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7Competing with Gwyneth

It was reported that Kate was pretty insecure about close friend Gwyneth Paltrow who is a total multi-tasker. Not only is Gwyneth a successful actress but has a lifestyle empire and a successful website, and has established herself as a lifestyle guru. Kate also started an athleisure brand and wrote a lifestyle book but got nowhere close to Gwyneth’s success. Plus Gwyneth had already established herself as a tremendous actress and has even won an Oscar. It'd be pretty crazy to compete with her.

Competing with Gwyneth

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8Trying too hard?

Fans and critics have often accused Kate of trying to look too young for her age. She is 38 and sometimes her wardrobe screams ‘desperate for attention’. She doesn't just try to be younger than she is but also messes it up sometimes and doesn't seem to have a grip on her own style.

Kate Hudson

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9Flings with younger men

Kate has been seeing a string of famous men who are much younger than her but none of them seemed to last. She briefly dated dancer Derek Hough and then was seen out and about with pop star Nick Jonas who is also a lot younger than her. Though there's nothing wrong with dating younger men, a series of short-lived dalliances with them seems to have miffed her fans.

Flings with younger men

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10Why chick lit?

Fans have often asked Kate to experiment with roles and genres. But Kate has always stuck to the chick lit genre which hasn't worked out for her. Kate might have had good success with indie flicks or even gritty cinema. But it was pretty clear that Kate aspired for commercial success and consistently stuck to rom-coms like Bride Wars, Raising Helen which turned out to be box office duds.

Why chick lit

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11Not irreplaceable

It’s very important to remember that almost everybody in Hollywood is replaceable unless of course you have your own label. But Kate never really got too big and now she just has too much competition. Plus, being a looker is not enough in Hollywood right now unless someone has proved their acting cred and despite being in the industry for so long, Kate sadly hasn't.

beautiful Kate hudson

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12Why do people hate her?

People and industry critics often slam Kate Hudson and have relentlessly referred to her as talentless. While that's not entirely true, Kate has never really worked to prove her mettle and prove her naysayers wrong. Not only has she made zero efforts to build a fan base or connect to her fans, but she also has an erratic personality and not many people in the industry can stand her.

Why do people hate her

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13Celebs slammed her brand

Did you know Kate's athleisure brand Fabletics have been panned by everyone in Hollywood? The brand reportedly uses tawdry fabric and its website is too uppity and off-putting as it won't even let customers browse unless they pay up. In fact customers too had a bad time with Fabletics products. The legendary Cher took to Twitter to slam the brand and once Cher slams you, you're pretty much over.

Celebs slammed her brand

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14Why is she still famous?

Surprisingly in spite of doing no films at all for the last few years, Kate has somehow managed to be a fixture at Hollywood's social circles. She often accompanies her mom to major award shows and is often giving appearances at talk shows. Naysayers have slammed the interviews as they don't really know why she is being invited to shows since she isn't a part of any projects. People unanimously think Kate has been in Hollywood simply owing to the fact that she had an A-lister family.

kate-hudson at a show

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15Maybe look to TV?

Kate's brother Oliver has had considerable success in television. Many fans had suggested that since Kate is not a bad actor, maybe she could try her luck on television. A lot of ambitious projects are being helmed for TV now and we bet Kate could cracking an offer if she was interested. But Kate doesn't look to eager for the small screen.

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