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What These 20 Popular Males Would Look Like If They Were Women

By KK Angus, 26 March 2018


6George Clooney

While we know that George Clooney is a total chameleon and wouldn't mind being a woman for a role, we finally know what he could have looked like as a woman and the results are overwhelming. If George Clooney was a woman, he'd be a total looker, with incredible cheekbones and amazing smile.

George Clooney

Image Source: www.earlyintime.com

7Jason Statham

England's strongest man and your favourite action hero would actually make for a beautiful woman. Jason Statham as a woman is a great Jason Statham and almost looks like a supermodel, much like his girlfriend Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Not only does female Jason Statham have amazing cheekbones but also has great hair.

Jason Statham

Image Source: brightside.me

8Bradley Cooper


The Hangover star is almost unrecognizable as a woman. Without facial hair, Bradley looks very different than his Hollywood avatar. Add to it some blonde curls and makeup, and Bradley looks like a totally different person altogether.

Bradley Cooper

Image Source: bastanteinteressante.org

9Vincent Cassel

Interestingly Vincent Cassel looks very French even as a woman. The Ocean’s Eleven baddie and Hollywood's favourite French man, Vincent would make for a stunning woman. With fierce green eyes, sculpted cheekbones and oodles of lipstick, Vincent looks like he could be on a French runway or a fashion magazine.

Vincent Cassel

Image Source: thailand-news.pro

10Bruce Willis

Unfortunately, action star Bruce Willis is better off as a man and doesn't really need to turn into a woman as we're not sure Hollywood would be too kind to his female counterpart.

Bruce Willis

Image Source: hauskimmat.net


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