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15 Things Your Hands Reveal About Your Health

By Andrew Alpin, 15 May 2018


In case you never knew, your hands are a clear indicator of your health. When there are abnormalities in the body or thyroid problems, your hands and fingernails may show a marked change. This is why whenever you notice any changes in your hands and nails; you should always see a doctor. Even your doctor will admit that the hands condition can reveal the medical changes going on in your body. Here are 15 symptoms appearing on hands that are a sign of a medical problem or change in your body.

1 Red Palms


Palmar erythema as red palms are scientifically called indicates problems with your liver. This usually occurs in people over 50. The redness can be seen in the outer edge of the palm and the base of thumb area. Other possible reasons are hormonal changes that can cause dilation in blood vessels. 

Red Palms

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2Red palms also indicate rheumatoid arthritis


Rheumatoid Arthritis is also a medical condition signaled by red palms. If you notice your palms redder than usual and for several days, you need to find out why. Switching to a healthier diet and reducing alcohol may help. 

Red palms health problem

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3Sweaty palms


Sweaty palms can be the cause of several reasons. These can be a tendency for excess sweating, stress, thyroid problems such as overactive thyroid. In event of hyperhidrosis, the medical term for sweaty palms, one can apply antiperspirants or see a doctor to treat the condition.

 Sweaty palms

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4Loss of sensitivity and tingling


Some people may often awake to find one of their limbs without any sensation like cramps and then a tingling soon after movement. Usually, it could be due to prolonged pressure on the sensory nerve and when the nerve is trying to get back to work, that’s the time the tingling starts. 

Loss of sensitivity and tingling

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5More serious conditions


More serious problems could be the cause of arm insensitivity such as cervical osteochondrosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, venous thrombosis of the limb, brachial plexus injury and anemia or diabetes. A doctor should always be consulted for such problems. 

Arm insensitivity

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