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Gym Addicts Decided to Eat Junk Food for a Week and This is What Happened to Their Bodies

By Jatin Sharma, 28 June 2018


6What changes he experienced?

His body changed almost immediately, as his washboard abs disappeared. He said that his body felt spongy. Mentally too, James started to feel like his teenage self, when he was a fat, overweight person, and it started making him anxious and frustrated.

What changes he experienced?

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7Emma and her normal diet

Emma Taylor is James’ partner owns a salon. She is also a gym freak and works out with James. However, she was the most hit by the sudden change in her diet as her body reacted badly to the new diet of fast food.

Emma’s normal diet saw her eating Satay Chicken and rice pot for lunch, protein porridge for breakfast, Chicken Pad Thai for dinner and chicken noodle soup for snack.

Emma and her normal diet

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8Which Junk Food diet she followed?


Her junk food diet saw her eating Pancakes with maple syrup and bacon in breakfast. For lunch she used to have roast lamb, roasted potatoes and cauliflower, and double chocolate cheesecake. Galaxy Easter egg, and chocolates in snacks.

Which Junk Food diet she followed?

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9What changes she experienced?

She said: “I have a sensitive stomach so filling it with all those E numbers and sugary foods left me feeling sick and bloated. I was really lethargic and found I couldn't concentrate.” She also experienced headaches, her energy levels went down and she started to feel lethargic. Her concentration levels too went down.

Emma said that it was only after going back to her normal routine did she felt energetic and headaches went away.

What changes she experienced?

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10Paige and her normal diet

Paige Modeste, who works as a shop assistant at Harrods’ and is a blogger, also felt a huge change in her both outside and inside, after taking up the challenge. Her normal diet contained porridge, Rice Pot and black beans chicken, Chicken Fajita Stir Fry, and protein bars for snacks.

Paige and her normal diet

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