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15 Reasons Why Gordon Levitt is The New Heath Ledger

By Bincy Joseph, 5 June 2018


Heath Ledger is one of the most prominent names in the Hollywood town. It was the tragic death of this legendary actor that took him away from this world otherwise this actor would have broken all records to enter the wall of fame. His fans could not digest this fact and in no case were ready to believe that their favourite actor was no more. He died in the year 2008, and his fan following was still in a surprise to accept the news of his demise.

He will always be remembered for his exemplary works, and there was one actor who looked similar to him up to some extent, and that is 'Joseph Gordon Levitt.' These actors have few striking qualities and similarities amongst them which earned Gordon Levitt the name of the new “Heath Ledger.” Hera are few reasons which will make you believe that Gordon Levitt is the new Heath Ledger.

1The true artist character

Yes, it is true that Ledger was not into acting for a long time, but he put life in every character he played. Whether it was the role of the Joker, a teenager or just any character Ledger did justice with every role he did in his acting career. Same is the case with Joseph Gordon, and he also believes in putting all his efforts into his characters to bring out the best.

The true artist character

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2The superhero Batman movie

Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon Levitt both have starred in the Batman movie showing the same line of interest in their choice of selection of movies. Heath played the role of the joker whereas Gordon Levitt played the role of Batman. The dedication of both these actors says it all about their passion towards their work.

The superhero Batman movie

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3The starring similarity


Both the passionate actors had a special love towards their work and have been seen starring together in the movie “ten things I hate about you.” The character they played in the film was of Patrick Verona and Cameron James which stole the audience’s hearts.

The starring similarity

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4The singer cum actors

It will be surprising for you to note that both these legendary actors are not just actors but singers as well. Heath ledger holds his name for singing tracks for television series. On the other hand, Joseph Gordon has few tracks in his kitty as well as is known forgiving a duet performance with Lady Gaga. This is something known as bundle of talents which both these actors possess.

The singer cum actors

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5The similarity in the selection of roles

Both these actors were in love with their acting skills. The number of theatres and places where their movies were going to be released didn’t bother them. What mattered was the type of roles and characters they chose to play. Money was not their primary aim but getting their acting skills laying an impression in the audience’s mind was their goal.

The true artist character

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