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16 Things Only People Born Before The Year 2000 Will Understand

By Meera Kaushal, 7 June 2018

Whenever you get hold of an article about the nostalgia of the good old days, you mostly get to see the sentiments of a 90s kid more than any other decade. Well, that’s simply because we have been that generation which lived our childhood in those days and today are the Millennials ready to take the world with our creativity bursting through memes among other things.

So, it is just natural for us to remember those days with the twist of this era and that we go through the constant creation of funny memes aimed at showing the world how we had an awesome childhood. Just take a look at the best memes we found on the internet and be ready to go down the memory lane:

1Life on computers without the internet

Yes, we had all these games and programs on our computers and we truly had the best of times, doing just anything and everything with these. We knew the details of every program to the core and boasted about our accomplishments to our friends.

Life on computers without the internet

Image Source: i.imgur.com

2Truly blessed

There is not even an iota of doubt in our minds and hearts that we are truly because we grew up being outdoors, having real fun with our friends. We have so many stories to tell that even the space on a memory card on your phone will be shamed. We used to play all sorts of games without the interference of any technological device and those days were truly the best.

Truly blessed

Image Source: www.bravonline.it

3Click Click till the end

This was one of the most treasured possessions for most of us. We had to be a little careful while taking the shots with our cameras because we could not waste negatives for useless pictures and the results only came after a few days. Till that time, we could only hope and pray that all our photos come out good.

Click Click till the end

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

4We have seen the horror

The difference in the dresses has come up because we were the ones who had faced these fashion disasters. Moms of today’s children are the ones who grew up looking like that and they just want to make up for those fashion issues with their kids by dressing them up like divas.

We have seen the horror

Image Source: cdn.themindcircle.com

5When research was the most tiring task

Before Google, we had to go through hundreds and hundreds of documents and books to find the right thing. And you cannot even imagine how hard it was, especially considering what we do today when it comes to research. In this matter, we will surely say that kids of today’s generation are truly blessed.

When research was the most tiring task

Image Source: boredpanda.com

6Our Collection!

The CDs used to be our life because we got them with much passion and created our special collection of songs. We never knew what it was to rely on apps in order to listen to music. And we used to do everything to make sure that our CD collection was the best.

Our Collection!

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

7Treasure Trove

Keeping our CDs safe and all stacked up in the best of bags was something we used to love to the core. The art of collecting our cool stuff was ingrained amazingly in our senses and we literally used to guard this with all our might.

Treasure Trove

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

8The Real Nightmare

Taking the love for CDs to the next step, we would like to tell that looking at this scene was a nightmare of sorts for all of us. Just imagine working hard on creating our list of favorites and then losing it all just because of those scary scratches all over the CD.

The Real Nightmare

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

9Fun gone when one gone

My goodness, these pencils were such a rage back in those days and it is because of these only that we have learnt to give value to the smallest of things as losing even one portion of the parts inside the pencil meant that we had to part away with the entire thing and then listen to mom shouting as well.

Fun gone when one gone

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

10 The real MTV

Don’t mind us saying that we had the best of times with MTV. The love for music in most of us was seeded by this very channel and yes, they played music here. Today, the channel is filled with reality shows, which frankly speaking look anything but real life.

The real MTV

Image Source: www.cosmopolitan.pl

11 When everybody came in the loop

Today, we are able to block a certain person on social media and then enjoy our presence on all the platforms. But, back in those days, we had to block everyone in order to block that one menacing element.

When everybody came in the loop

Image Source: toopanda.com

12The Snake

I don’t know one person from our generation who knows nothing about this. We all literally spent hours just increasing the length of that snake and dreading its end when it met the wall on those small screens of the mobile phones. Given the chance, I would still like to do that.

The Snake

Image Source: mk0artfidblogopf5abx.kinstacdn.com

13The real maps

Today’s apps have certainly made life easier for all of us, but we used to have real fun looking at our parents fight over which turn to take. We may not have used maps extensively, but we know the drill and we can certainly become a life saver today if Google Maps fails at any crossroad or the battery of the phone dies in the middle of the wilderness. You see, we have some real skills!

The real maps

Image Source: i.imgur.com

14The Gist

Oh yes, this is actually that one picture which defines the differences between the 90s kids and those living today. And did you notice the smile on the face of the 90s kid? Truly, we were happy with whatever we had, and today’s kids have everything, yet they are bored. You know why? Well, that’s because technology has taken over and today’s kids actually have no real gifts of childhood- the true friends.

The Gist

Image Source: s3.amazonaws.com

15Our today’s nightmare

This is truly our biggest nightmare today. I cannot even fathom that we have actually grown so big that we will be in our 30s in just 2-3 years. Life is really moving fast and the one thing I can say to today’s kids is that, please try and make real relations than just being alone with your gadgets. You will get real memories that will last a lifetime.

Our today’s nightmare

Image Source: static.boredpanda.com

16Those jeans!

Kids who wear slim fit jeans today will never understand what we went through while wearing these. Most of us didn't even have the required height to flaunt these, but still had to wear because they were in trend. This aspect though the kids of today will definitely understand, if not anything else!

Our today’s nightmare

Image Source: boredpanda.com