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13 Famous People, Who Were Most Probably Reincarnated?

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 9 November 2017


The sad truth is that we live in a world where we constantly judge each other based on the one thing we don’t have control of, and that’s, of course, our physical appearance. If we could have control of our physical appearance, the world would be full with Angelina and Brad lookalikes.

Beauty is often taken for granted, and it is an advantage as well. However, a combination of beauty with a great personality is what makes people stand out from the crowd.

Brad Pitt is without a doubt one of the hottest actors of all time. But his success comes from his acting skills and not just the way he looks. We’ve seen a lot of hot looking models, but there’s just one Brad Pitt.

And we’re not talking about recent years because there’s an old picture of famous Swiss psychiatrist who looks exactly like Pitt. Which means that the theory of reincarnations might be true after all?

1Bruce Willis

The mean, handsome bad boy from Hollywood was producing hit movie after hit movie in his prime. He’s no longer the “go to” guy if you need an alpha male in your movie, but he still is relevant. Bruce is also famous for explosive scenes like jumping out of helicopters and stuff. But he sure can’t compare to his doppelgänger; a World War II military officer known as Douglas MacArthur!

Bruce Willis

Image Source: www.microfilenetwork.com

2Anne Hathaway

She’s sweet, nice and loveable. It’s impossible not to enjoy the acting and presence of the elegant Anne Hathaway. And it’s definitely not fair to compare her to a male painter from the past, but we have to. Just look at the pictures above? Anna really looks like Francisco de Goya with a goatee!

Anne Hathaway

Image Source: www.microfilenetwork.com

3Vladimir Putin


Can you believe that the innocent looking boy on the left from the picture above is the most powerful man in the world right now? Yeap, we neither. But we shouldn’t be surprised as young Vladimir Putin was obsessed with power and he also went through the tough KGB training. And yes, Macaulay Culkin looks like him but they’re definitely two different personalities.

Vladimir Putin

Image Source: www.microfilenetwork.com


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