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Facial Blemishes Could Indicate Internal Issues. Here’s What Your Skin Says About Your Health

By Andrew Alpin, 12 April 2017


5Chin (Stomach, Kidney, reproductive organs)

This could indicate hormonal problems dehydration and oily food. Facial blemishes on the chin occur during physiological changes in your 20’s and 30’s. Oily food also causes facial blemishes on the chin. Consume an enzyme rich diet with food such as papaya, pineapple avocado, mangoes and olive oil. Increase your intake of water and drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning. Consult your doctor to keep hormonal imbalances in check with a contraceptive pill.

Facial blemishes on Chin

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6Ears & Temples & Under Eyes (Kidneys)

This too can indicate dehydration, excess oil production and stress. Lack of sleep can also cause an outbreak. But facial blemishes in this area are always linked to kidney issues and hydration. Increase your water intake to 8 glasses daily including one in the morning. Ensure you get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night.

Acne on Ears Temples Under Eyes

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7Cheeks (Lungs & Respiratory System)


Blemishes on this area could indicate allergies, smoking, dirt from bedding, phones and pollution. Blemishes on the upper cheeks are linked to the liver while the right cheek is linked to the lungs. Poor skin tone in this area can be triggered by asthma, allergies, pollutants, cigarette smoke and lack of exercise. Gum disease and excess sugar intake could also be an issue as cheeks are linked to the mouth as well. The best way to fix this is through exercise, meditation, yoga, reducing sugar and consuming hydrating foods like melons, grapefruit cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries. Moderate aerobic exercise is also recommended.

Blemishes on cheeks

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8Jawline (Hygiene & stomach)

This could be due to dirt and oily food as the jawline is the main epicenter for blemishes and acne caused by greasy food. Eat healthy fats and avoid all processed food and unhealthy fats. Avocadoes are rich in healthy fats as well as peanut butter or almond butter. Eat hydrating fruits as mentioned earlier. Reduce your dairy intake as well as sugar.

Blemishes on Jawline

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9Neck (Thyroid)

This could indicate illness where an underactive thyroid will mean a reduction in levels of progesterone caused by a lack of the thyroid hormone. This causes breakouts and acne. Progesterone is a main key to combating acne. Consume foods rich in vitamin A like dark leafy greens, carrots, squash, fish and tropical fruity. Consult with your doctor about taking contraceptive pills to boost progesterone.

blemishes on Neck

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