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15 Most Expensive and Rare Things Owned By The Prince Of Dubai

By Christopher Paul, 24 June 2018


The billionaire prince of Dubai has been known for his extravagant lifestyle but did you know just how extravagant? We were interested in his lifestyle so we dug a little and oh boy did we find a literal jackpot. Regardless of his wealth, Fazza is known to be a very humble person and is also humble with his wealth. Today we’ll take a look at how the billionaire prince of Dubai spends his time and what toys he has to spend his time with. Here’s a look at the 15 most outrageously expensive things he owns.

1A Fleet of Amphibious Cars


Yes, why have a car that can work on land when you can have one that works on land and water. The manufacturers of this unique vehicle is a California automaking company by the name WaterCar. This hasn’t taken the market by storm but still made headlines and when Fazza got wind of its existence; he just had to have it among his collection.

A Fleet of Amphibious Cars

Image Source: ytimg.com

2An Entire Fleet of Tanks


When you’re rich why will you stop at having cars? Your vehicular collection can contain anything from cars to bikes to boats to tanks? Yes, tanks, the heavily armored, machines because why not? The tank in question is the Ripshaw tanks that have over 1500 horsepower and travel at speeds of 60mph. And he bought this just for fun.

An Entire Fleet of Tanks

Image Source: cloudfront.net

3Almost Every Airline


When you are one of the richest families of Dubai and you’re at an airshow and you see a plane that takes your liking, why will you not buy it? The Dubai Airshow was having its 12th edition when Fazza and his family saw and liked the new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliners. They liked it so much they took 40 of them. If you’re wondering, one unit costs 325.8 million US dollars so, you do the maths.

Almost Every Airline

Image Source: seekingalpha.com



Why stick to only mechanical or machine power, Fazza is known to love horses as well as take part in horse racing events. When asked for photos he isn’t one to shy away from kissing his horses on the lips. When it comes to buying horses he only buys the best which also happens to be the most expensive. He paid 3 million US dollars for a Colt with a winning bloodline.


Image Source: pinimg.com

5Horse Racing


Fazza is very passionate about horses and horse racing. He is known to put a lot of his time and effort into the sport. He is also known to have paid 166,000 dollars for silks. They were complete silver silks with cap tassels. People might wonder why so much on racing clothes? It is for the racers to feel majestic and win.

Horse Racing

Image Source: royalsun.biz


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