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Which Exercises Should You Do According To Your Age To Remain Fit And Healthy?

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 28 June 2018


Taking care of your body is very important as someone has said that it is the only place for your soul to live in. A person should never be careless and lethargic when it comes to exercising, irrespective of age, and should follow a convenient fitness regime as per requirements and capability.

The condition of human body keeps on changing with age and as the age increases, the strength of the body decreases. Obviously, it is not possible for a 40 years old man to work-out in the same manner as he used to do at the age of 20. Due to a decrease in the metabolism rate with increasing age, gaining fat becomes easier and losing weight gets difficult.

Let’s take a look at the exercises that a person should do according to his/her age:

1Age: 20 – 29


The body is still in the growth phase and energy levels are very high during this time period. However, a person should still keep a check on his diet and try to avoid junk food as much as possible. People of this age group have the freedom to choose from various options, such as working out in the gym, jogging, playing any sport, learning martial art and practicing yoga.

Age: 20 – 29

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Here are some activities or exercises and their benefits:



Yoga is mostly considered as a workout regime consisting of physical poses and exercises but it is a group of mental, physical and spiritual disciplines. Yoga focuses on not only the well-being of an individual’s body but also his mental and spiritual growth. A person can start doing yoga from any age and the best part is that it can be continued till the old age very comfortably. How many of us have seen an 80 years old man hitting the gym? But we may get to see a man of this age practicing yoga; agree?


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3Points to remember


Make sure that you start doing yoga under a learned teacher because wrong yoga can actually be harmful. One should remember that yoga is not just about exercising; breathing also plays an important part and the correct method can be taught by an experienced teacher only. So start today and keep practicing it forever.

Points to remember

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4Working out in the gym


As we earlier said, the body is strong during this phase and high energy levels make a person capable enough to work out in a gym for a long time. There are many types of exercise tools and machines available in the gym and you can choose to work with those tools and machines that fulfill your requirement. Good gyms have professional trainers who can guide you.

Working out in the gym

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5Points to remember


Whenever you join a gym, sit with the gym instructor and tell him about your fitness goal which can be either losing weight or making six pack abs. Let your gym instructor design your path for achieving the goal and never exercise without proper supervision as many exercising tools are very heavy and a small mistake in using them can give a lifelong injury.

Points to remember

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