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Could Erectile Dysfunction Be a Sign Of Other Health Issues?

By AK, 27 January 2020


Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects a lot of men. By the time they are aged 40, around 5% of men will have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. By the age of 70, that number reaches around 15%.

This is understandably distressing. But few men realize that erectile dysfunction can be a warning sign of other health issues.

1The link between clogged arteries and erectile dysfunction

If you are wondering can clogged arteries cause erectile dysfunction? The simple answer is yes. There is a growing body of evidence that indicates that this is the case.

Studies show that clogs in the arteries that feed the penis can be a root cause of erectile dysfunction. If blood cannot flow freely to the tip of the penis an adequate erection cannot be maintained. Logically if these arteries are blocked, others in the body will very likely be in a similar condition. If left untreated, those blockages can lead to a range of cardiovascular health conditions.

2A sign the body is low on testosterone

Testosterone plays an important role in a man´s sexual health. If testosterone levels are too low, the man will have a very little sex drive. So, he will rarely achieve an erection.

Low testosterone levels can be a sign of several medical conditions. Including problems with the pituitary glands, thyroid issues, liver problems, and other conditions.

3Un-diagnosed diabetes


Poorly managed diabetes can lead to erectile dysfunction. This is because poorly managed sugar levels can lead to nerve damage. Usually, it is the nerves in the extremities that are affected first. That includes the penis.

Erectile dysfunction as a side effect of being overweight.

It is also possible to experience erectile dysfunction as a side effect of making poor lifestyle choices. For example, being obese greatly increases your chances of experiencing problems. One study, involving 2,435 men with erectile dysfunction, found that 58.5% of them were significantly overweight.

4Excessive alcohol consumption and erectile dysfunction

Men who abuse alcohol are also highly likely to struggle with sexual performance. This article explains the connection and how what starts out as an occasional issue can gradually turn into a permanent condition.

5A sign of mental health issues

There is a strong connection between the state of your mental health and the ability to enjoy normal sexual activities. Some men, and many women, find it difficult to enjoy a normal sex life when they are under a lot of stress. So, sometimes ED can be a sign that you are struggling with life. If you are also experiencing signs of depression, it is wise to seek help. You can find out more about the connection between mental health and sexual function, by clicking here.

6An early sign of a central nervous system condition


Men who are suffering from central nervous system conditions like multiple sclerosis can experience erectile dysfunction. So, sometimes ED can be a sign that a man is suffering from one of these diseases.

As you can see, erectile dysfunction is not a condition that should be ignored. Even if you feel that you can live with and cope with the condition, it is still wise to consult a doctor about it.


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