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10 Common And Insignificant Things That Could Indicate A Dangerous Disease

By Andrew Alpin, 5 January 2018


While you don’t need to be a hypochondriac and Google just about every disease on the planet associating with symptoms you may experience, it also doesn’t hurt to be careful sometimes. That heartburn which you may think is just reflux may be sometime else just as tiny changes in your body may be the initial signs of an impending serious medical condition. Here are 10 common insignificant signs of serious disease.

1One eye appears red in photos taken with flash


Eyes appearing red in a flash photo is just light flickering off the blood vessels but if one eye appears white, then you have something to worry about. It could be the reflection of a blocked blood vessel in your eye which is why it appears white. This could be a sign of cataract, walleye, eye cancer or even an eye infection.

In 2015, Julie Fitzgerald from Rockford Illinois noticed that a photograph of her two year old son Avery Fitzgerald showed that one of his eyes were red. She further found that when viewing the boy’s eyes under direct light it appeared strange and white. The boy was ultimately diagnosed with retinoblastoma with 75% of his eye covered in tiny tumors. His eye had to be removed and the boy was fitted with a prosthetic eye. So if you should ever notice something like this, see an ophthalmologist immediately.

One eye appears red in photos taken with flash

Image Source: themighty.com

2Black vertical line on nail


When a client visited beautician Jean Skinner of Uckfield East Sussex for some nail color dark enough to cover the black line on one of her nails, she never bargained for what she was told. Skinner encouraged the woman to see a doctor instead who diagnosed her with melanoma.

According to NHS guidelines, the dark line called linear melanonchyia is fairly common in dark skinned people aged above 20 but in certain people like European races, it could also be an indication of a serious ailment like subjugal melanoma, a type of skin cancer that affects the nail bed. If you notice such a line on your nail, see a skin specialist immediately.

Black vertical line on nail

Image Source: www.huffingtonpost.de

3Sudden changes in handwriting


If you noticed the handwriting of a family member suddenly changing for no apparent reason, then it could indicate Parkinson’s or tremor paralysis. In someone acquiring Parkinson’s, one of the initial indicators are a sudden abrupt change in handwriting that appears small, uneven and not uniform. Letters may also not be formed properly and at times some letters may not feature in a word at all.

Sudden changes in handwriting

Image Source: www.wikipedia.org


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