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Common People Who Look Exactly Like Celebrities

By KK Angus, 8 May 2018


6The Royal doppelganger

If you thought Prince Harry’s lookalike is Ed Sheeran, you are wrong. Prince Harry’s doppelganger actually was featured in a reality show where he pretended to be the Royal and had women fighting over who would get to marry him. Though we don’t know if Matthew Hicks would be at Prince Harry’s wedding later this month.

Prince Harry lookalike

Image Source: www.nydailynews.com

7Just like Cher

Sandra Wood is the official Cher impersonator and actually makes money off pretending to be the icon. Sandra even has her own website and you can actually have her over for any party or corporate event.

Sandra Wood lookalike

Image Source: www.dialm.com

8We found Bond


It’s only fitting that James Bond star and Hollywood legend Sean Connery will have two lookalikes and not just one. John Allen and Francesco Brescia are two of the closest Connery lookalikes and have even been spotted in each other’s company. Though we don’t know if they were lucky enough to meet Sean.

James Bond lookalike

Image Source: noonecares.club

9Chelsea Marr is Jolie

The model named Chelsea Marr is a total twin of Angelina Jolie and in fact, could actually play a younger Jolie in any of her movies. She has more than 108,000 followers and is looking at an official impersonator career.

Chelsea Marr angelina jolie lookalike

Image Source: askmen.com

10Here’s Taylor

Olivia Sturgiss actually showed up at a Taylor Swift concert dressed as her and got the audiences pretty worked up. Fun fact, Taylor Swift’s cat is also called Olivia so we bet she’d warm up to her instantly.

Olivia Sturgiss

Image Source: www.dailyposts.org


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