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15 Talented Child Celebrities That Somehow Ruined Their Lives

By Nenad Dojcinovski, 12 May 2018


11Mischa Barton

This looks like a typical “good girl gone bad” example. Barton was such a sweet and cute little girl, but that look is long gone. Bad influence and habits are the reasons why Barton is no longer recognizable as she used to be.

Mischa Barton

Image Source: ravepad.com

12Daryl Hannah

Hannah always had that mean look (in a cute way), and we all hoped that she would turn into a beautiful lady with time. But that didn’t happened. Probably because she wasn’t satisfied with her look, and she turn into plastic surgery.

Daryl Hannah

Image Source: baomoi.com

13Janice Dickinson


And yet another mind-blowing transformation. Can you really believe that the pictures above are actually the same person? It’s a shame that she couldn’t resist the lust for surgery and cosmetic treatments.

Janice Dickinson

Image Source: newpost.gr

14Macaulay Culkin

Culkin was indeed the golden boy. He was simply destined to become a huge movie star, but personal problems and bad choices changed his destiny.

Macaulay Culkin

Image Source: www.culturehook.com

15Tara Reid

It’s simply difficult to understand what exactly made Tara Reid to undergo a plastic surgery. There’s plenty of other beautiful movie stars who aged but still kept their looks. Reid even did boob uplift, besides other changes.

Tara Reid

Image Source: microfilenetwork.com


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