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How Involved Was The Queen In Charles And Diana’s Divorce?

By KK Angus, 21 March 2018

One of the most famous couples of the century had a very unhappy marriage. It's no secret that Prince Charles and Princess Diana were involved with other people even before they were officially divorced. But the world is also aware how hard Diana tried to keep the marriage alive. She had tried for years to be a doting wife and mother and the perfect Royal role model. But Charles was never really in love with his wife and nobody was really surprised when their marriage fell apart. But how much did Queen Elizabeth do when she found out about her son's affair? And did she ask Diana to divorce Charles?

1Diana was the people’s Princess

The British people were obsessed with Diana. She want just an icon to them, she was almost like a messiah. Never had they seen such an intense philanthropic side to a Royal before and Diana's popularity was often frowned upon by the Royals. It was soon becoming evident that Diana didn't need the Royal family to be in the headlines.

Diana was the people’s Princess

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2The infidelity

Diana and Charles were married in 1981 and it hadn't even been a decade before rumours emerged that Charles is having an affair with his longtime friend Camilla Parker Bowles. Unfortunately as he is a Royal and one of the most influential men in Britain, he could get away with it. Charles and Camilla married a few years back, but the British people always acknowledge Camilla to be the reason why Charles’s and Diana's marriages didn't work. It was also reported that the Queen and her husband Prince Philip are aware of Charles's dalliances.

Diana and Charles were married in 1981

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3Diana's mental issues

Andrew Morton’s book Diana: Her True Story which is considered to be Diana's official biography revealed that not only did Diana suffer from bulimia but she had also attempted to kill herself five times. When this was revealed, the British people who have always idolised Diana turned against the Royal family.

When Did Princess Diana Died

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4Diana was always the outsider

In spite of being from an aristocratic family, Diana always stood out from her Royal in-laws. She was kinder, more empathetic and a lot more selfless than her husband and his family. Diana's old letters reveal that she was almost always misunderstood by her in-laws and that she often felt terribly isolated.

Diana was always the outsider

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5The Queen's help

It was reported that Diana went to the Queen for help. Queen Elizabeth II has eyes on everything and was aware of the situation. Diana reportedly went to the Queen sobbing, and told her everything from Charles's affair to their unhappy marriage and sadly the Queen didn't have much to say at all. She listened to everything Diana had to say and said that she did not know what Diana should do.

Diana and the Queen

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6The Queen's final call

The Queen had famously called the year 1992 a horrible year. It was the year Morton’s book came out and the British people were quite outraged by the fact that Diana was so intensely unhappy. The Queen had no personal issues with Diana and was actually quite fond of her. In 1995 the Queen requested both Diana and Charles to get Divorced.

Diana and Charles

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7The interview that broke it all

Diana's famous BBC interview, in which she revealed every detail of her unhappy Royal life, was the final nail in the coffin. Diana did not hold back - from Charles's infidelity to her isolation, she spilled it all. Many still believe that the interview was Diana's clap back to the years of humiliation she had endured.

Diana's famous BBC interview

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8The Royal outrage

The Royal family especially the Queen were hit hard by Diana's admissions. It is important to note that the Royal family works very hard to keep the negative family secrets out of public eye. Diana’s interview let the cat out of the bag. The Royals felt incredibly insulted and couldn't get over the disrespect.

The Royal family

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9The Queen's mail

In 1995, just a few weeks after Diana's BBC interview, the Queen requested Diana and Charles to divorce each other. Though they had been separated for a while, the Queen thought it would be best if they did not stay married at all. And the interview had rocked the Buckingham Palace too. Charles and Diana agreed on the Queen's request and eventually Divorced.

The Queens mail

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10Diana's affairs

Diana had been involved with other men too before officially divorcing Charles. From James Hewitt to Dodi Fayed, there had been a string of men in Diana’s life after Charles and yet nobody blamed Diana when she wanted to find happiness, as she had done her best to keep her Royal marriage alive.

Diana's affairs

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11After her death

When Charles married Camilla years after Diana's death, the British people couldn't bring themselves to view the new Royal couple in a positive light. The fact that Charles is marrying the woman who broke up his marriage to Diana was disrespectful, according to some people. Although the Queen did not have much of a say in this, she was once heard referring to Camilla as a 'wicked woman'.

When Charles married Camilla

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12Elizabeth's speech

The Queen was quite fond of Diana and appreciated all that she had done for the family. Despite never being tremendously close, they shared a respectful bond and after Diana's death, the Queen gave a speech which was incredibly moving. She called Diana a gifted woman and hailed her for her kindness and courage.

queen and princess diana

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