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25 Celebrity Halloween Costumes That Stunned the World

By Milos Kitanovic, 5 November 2017


19Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock

Speaking of actors and their transformations for this year's Halloween, all the credit goes to Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock dressed up as fishermen.

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock Halloween Photos 2017

Image Source: www.popsugar-assets.com

20Sara Sampaio

If we have to pick our personal favorite, that will most definitely be Sara Sampaio as plastic surgery. How awesome was that costume?

Sara Sampaio halloween photos

Image Source: www.condenast.ru

21Katy Perry


Katy Perry really stepped up her game for this year's Halloween completely transforming herself into Hillary Clinton. So much so that you can hardly tell the difference between the two.

Katy Perry

Image Source: www.condenast.ru

22Kyle Maclachlan

It seems like the actor got his creative juices flowing for this one. His kale salad costume is as awesome as the costume can be.

Kyle Maclachlan alloween costume 2017

Image Source: www.playbuzz.com

23Jennifer Garner

While Sara Sampaio's plastic surgery may be our top pick for the most creative costume, Jennifer Ganer is a close second. She dressed up as a Cat Nap and looked as adorable as always.

Jennifer Garner

Image Source: www.bugaga.ru



The talented singer looked completely unrecognizable dressed up as "The Mask." We got to admit; this facial expression looks pretty scary.

Adele halloween costumes

Image Source: www.blesk.cz

25Josh Duhamel and Fergie

And here we have another couple with the very strong Halloween game. We have to admit, just looking at Josh and Fergie dressed up as "A Day of the Dead" couple gave us goosebumps. You definitely don't want to run into these two in the middle of the night. So which one was your favorite celebrity costume of this year’s Halloween? Feel free to tell us in the comments below.

Josh Duhamel and Fergie

Image Source: www.pinimg.com


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