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15 Celebrities Who Were Very Successful Once But Can Never Make A Comeback

By Nitin Bhatnagar, 10 June 2018


6Victoria Justice

She was looked as the next big thing happening in Hollywood as this actor-singer started her career at the age of 12 and appeared in many shows of Nickelodeon. Everything was going well for her until her fights with co-stars made her infamous, especially with Ariana Grande. When the show Victorious was scrapped by Nickelodeon, many people blamed it on Justice and her starry tantrums and behavior. Since then, Justice is also finding it difficult to revive her career.

Victoria Justice

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7Eddie Murphy

Eddie is famous for not just his acting skills but also his stand-up comedy but presently, the actor is not seen much in movies. Since 2011, we haven’t seen him in any big movies and he is also not nominated for any acting awards other than Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Actor in 3 different movies.

Eddie Murphy

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The American singer-actress took a break as she wanted to give some time to her family with her partner Future but the couple called it quit just after their son was born. Ciara decided to make a comeback and she came with her album “Jackie”. But the comeback was a big failure as less than 20K copies of the album have been sold.


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9Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz became very famous after she worked in movies likes The Mask, There’s Something About Mary, Charlies Angles, etc. but nowadays she is not seen much in movies. Considering the fact that she is also not showing any interest in movies, we may say that she is not going to make a comeback in Hollywood now.

Cameron Diaz

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10Ray Rice

Ray Rice is an American footballer whose career was going on great until a video in which he was seen hitting his fiancée was posted online. The league named Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL) that he played for terminated his contract as NFL is pretty strict when it comes to domestic violence. It has been four years since that incident but no team wants to give Ray another chance as they don’t want to harm their own image.

Ray Rice

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