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Bad Habits that can Causes Joint Pain

By AK, 3 September 2019


People with Rheumatoid Arthritis commonly suffer from joint pains. This disease erodes the cartilages and bones around the joints and results in chronic pain sensation and lack of balance. The muscles, ligaments, and tendons surrounding the joints all around the body weaken as well resulting in acute pain, which can be eased by consuming ayurvedic medicines for joint pain. Various activities, lifestyles, and ignorance can also worsen joint pains and problems pretty much before old-age.

1Obesity and overweight

Putting on extra pounds can profoundly affect your joints. The extra weight affects the knees, back, hips, and feet. Along with strain and wear and tear on your joints, the fats in the body release toxins that can be harmful to bones as well. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis are the two most common forms of arthritis that cause wear and tear, and thus, joint pains.


All of us are dependent on our smartphones to communicate with people using text messages. While we use cell-phones considering they are handy and user-friendly, long durations of continuous typing weakens the thumb joint. It also results in neck and shoulder pain caused due to wrong and harmful postures.

Obesity and overweight

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3Being sedentary


Many people are scared by the initial episodes of joint pains and refrain from performing any activity that might put a train on it. Although precaution is a healthy habit, going totally sedentary worsens the joints in your body and results in early decay and tear of your bones, cartilages, ligaments, and tendons.

4Overexerting during workouts

While not moving or exercising at all is extremely unhealthy, exercising beyond your capacity and continuously pushing yourself is harmful as well. If your RA has already affected your joints and bones, sudden tight schedules of physical activity can even result in permanent damage of joints. You should consult your doctor and opt for joint-friendly activities for betterment.


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5Smoking cigarettes

Smoking is injurious to health is probably the most common public interest-based issues notice ever. Yet about 70% of the population in our country are addicted to smoking tobacco. Apart from the various physical ailments like lung cancer, stroke, and cardiovascular disease, smoking also hampers your joints. The musculoskeletal system gets affected by smoking, which results in weakening of joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

6Wearing high-heels or unsupportive shoes


Shoes are a very important factor when it comes to joint pains. Since most of the joint pains include hips, back, knees, and ankle, it is quite obvious that they happen due to the body’s load. If the shoes are not right, then the legs and nerves can be put into awkward positions which will be stressful for the joints and hence worsen the condition. Heels result in your thigh muscles working hard to keep your knees straight while the knees themselves are put into tremendous twisting position. Also wearing misfit, work out, unsupportive shoes put pressure on your back and knees, thereby often leading to arthritis.

Being sedentary

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7Carrying heavy backpacks

Since school, everyone has to carry heavy weights on their backs. Although our education system and society demand that, it puts tremendous pressure on the spinal cord and can result in severe back pain issues at a very early age. Even if you have to carry heavy loads on your back, make sure you don’t put all the strain on one side of the body. Use both the straps or exchange the side of the shoulder to avoid putting pressure on one side.

8Stomach sleeper

Sleeping on your stomach can have serious repercussions as the neck position stays hugely vulnerable. Although it reduces snoring in the long run, it affects the spinal cord and the shoulder muscles. Try to lie on your back or sides to comfortably sleep without stressing on your joints and muscles.

Joint pains can be genetic, due to accidents, hormonal, and for a variety of other reasons. However, you should take care to not put unusual and unrequired stress on your nerves or your joints to avoid suffrage. You can also opt for ayurvedic medicine for joint pain for releasing pain and easing your joints. They do not have any side effects and does not ruin your joints any further.

Overexerting during workouts

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